Dec 22, 2008

Introducing Ice creamusume

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ok I have made the decission to start posting other idol news besides all gaki stuff so enjoy ^^


Yes Bing Qi Lin Shao Nu Zu or Ice Cream Musume is the newest group to join the H!P family, but what makes this group different is that it is made up of all Chinese members...... and here they are:

Name: Xi Le / Shen Shen (喜樂 / シェンシェン)
Real name: Wú Sī Xuán (吳思璇)
Date of Birth: 10th Jan, 1988
Star sign: Capricorn
Flavour: Blueberry Ice Cream
Blood Type: O
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 43.5 kg


Name: Anchii
Real name: Zhóng An Qi
Date of Birth: 23rd July, 1989
Flavour: Coffee Ice Cream
Blood Type: B

Name: PeiPei (傻白/ ペイペイ)
Real name: Céng Dé Píng
Date of Birth: 10th Feb, 1991
Flavour: Vanilla Ice Cream
Blood Type: A

Name: Lightbulb / Youko (燈泡 / ヨウコ)
Real name: Zháo Guó Róng
Date of Birth: 28th Aug, 1992
Star sign: Virgo
Flavour: Strawberry Ice Cream
Blood Type: A

Name: ReiRei (阿翠 / レイレイ)
Real name: Qiu Cui Ling
Date of Birth: 16th Jan, 1994
Flavour: Choco-Mint Ice Cream
Blood Type: O

Name: Guu-chan, Froggy (小筠 / グーチャン)
Real name:Gú Yún
Date of Birth: 14th Dec, 1996
Flavour: Mango Ice Cream
Blood Type: O

I am really looking forward to seeing what these girls do. I already have my two favourites, Youko & ShenShen, youko is a great singer and ShenShen did an awesome bellydance, plus both are quite cute ^^.

On the 9th Jan 2009 they will release their debut Mini-Album "1st Best!"
Not too sure yet, I could actually be just imagining this but, there might be 2 versions of it, a mandarin one and a japanese one...dont take my word for it.

One confirmed song on the album though is Renai Revolution 21 or as its called ......Lian Ai Ge Ming 21

and here it is, just copy and paste the link into the url box...

I like it, it will take a little time to get used to, and maybe they could have changed the arrangemnent a little but all in all its quite good. I like the synthasized bits, I dont get though why they start of the track is in japanese and then the girls sing in chinese??

Dec 21, 2008

Alo Hello 3 preview

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Sure its typical aint it. as soon as I make an updated post on it...a preview comes out...oh well I guess I better talk more about it :D

so as you can see from the word go you drool you die and swoon ......maybe not in that order lol

so what are my views on this preview.

wooo excited and energetic, yay

mmm lovely logo aint it

ooh sunbathing competition............... wait no its crazy beach games

speaking of crazy....what the hell is JunJun doing XD

koharu and Aika ...meh......why the hell does koharu think beack vollyball is scary...did she play loads of vollyball at hogger

woo group hugs *join in hugging screen*

Koharu squashes Aika....does nothing for me

LinLin takes a crazy shot "que awesome reaction" I love LinLin :)

Gaki goes mental "USO USO!!" Ai and Reina proceed to laugh at Risa....kyaaa cute

More group huggs mmmmm

mmmmm posing..... suns in thier eyes so they look sleepy

JunJun in Bikini + Eri = dead

group posing.... dead again

JunJun coming on to Sayu - ooh yes!!

LinLin in fun position with JunJun looking on - naughty :D

"Oh its hot" sayu proceeds t shove her boobs in our faces while acting innocent - delightful :D

pouting, falling over, laughing, pushing - crazyness..cant wait

zoomed in on Ai's um...body board....dead again

group floating...relaxing...then fall over...que Risa ultimate reaction and body ever!!

clips going everywere then.....kyaaaa gaki gets some dolphin lovin....lucky fecker

ah shopping

Eri looking awesome in straw hat accompanied by Risa...what are they doing together hmmmm. must find out

LinLin LMAO at her expression...then Reina follows and laughs her ass off too yay!!

Aika is a mermaid

Sayu finds banana flavoured tissues....¬.¬

YAY OMG fast boast screaming, peace signs END....awesome

I really want to get this...but I want a subbered version which I will only get by download..I also want to get Risa's Alo Hello 2...gah Decisions...

What do ye think

Dec 18, 2008

My views on the Cinderella Musical

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ok, well I am going to break the mould here and not say that it was incredibly awesome. Infact some bits really bored me. For example when cinderella and the fairy godmother are talking about wishes coming true, it went on way too long, after that I was so bored I turned it off and watched the rest the next night.

The character of cinderella annoyed me too. Ai was a fine actor and all but the whole time she did this look....

and it was annoying the hell out of me. She did it when she was thinking, when she was happy, remembering, fatasizing...she constantly did it and to me she looked tired, stoned or a bit special...I dunno why it annoyed me so much but the fact that she did it so much annoyed me even more really anooyed me.

The saving grace of this play was the prince, the stepsister and stepmother, Gaki was cool and a rebel and the step family were all pretty funny. the rest didn't really do much.

I was dissapointed because I was sooo happy when I found out Gaki was to be the prince, but alas to me it didn't deliver and it wasn't even on the same level as ribon no kishi. This play had WAYYY too much, and yes I do realise she was the main character but still.

Overall I would give it a 2.5 out of 5.


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sorry I hadn't posted in ages, I was busy with college and christmas stuff, so I am back to the net. But since its xmas I mightn't be that focused on the blog as my huge family (11 bro's and sister) get togther lots opf catching up to do.

also I edited the banner, and I have to ive credit to lilli's blog, I basically coppied the idea off her blog caus I dont really have time to make a new xmas skin.

So thanks for supporting Mayuge madness till now, and have a happy holiday season.


Alo hello 2 ~ Niigaki Risa

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Alo Hello! 2 Niigaki Risa DVD
Catalog number: EPBE-5316
Price: 3,990 yen
Release date: 2009-01-21

yup, Gaki gets another Alo Hello dvd, and I am uber excited for this. her 1st one was awesome, I lol'd so hard when she was on that water ski boat thingy, you know when she was screaming her head off, I was laughing my head off. 2009 is looking like an awesome year for releases.

here is the cover of the alo hello MM 3 dvd so I am assuming Gaki will look this stunning in her dvd too. to be perfectly honest she stood out the most to me, and not because she is my fave but she looks awesome and that sexy look she's goin on just draws the eye.

More hilarious screaming Gaki please :D