Oct 25, 2009

Kimagure Princess overall review

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So Morning Musume's 41st Single Kimagure Princess [meaning fickle/whimsical princess] is to be released in a few days and what better way to jump-start my blog than reviewing the song and its pv's.

first the details:

Name: Kimagure Princess [気まぐれプリンセス]
C/W: Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun [愛して 愛して 後一分]
Limited Edition A: DVD (Dance Shot Ver.)
Limited Edition B: DVD (Close-up Ver.)
Limited Edition C: 10 different interchangeable covers (9 solos, 1 group one)
Single V: Making of, Green Dance Ver.
Release date: 28th October [single V. 4th November]
Prices: Limited A & B [1,680円] , Limited C [1,260円], Regular [1,050円], Single V [1,575円]
BUY IT: YesAsia CD Japan HMV

ok now that all thats out of the way, let us continue



(Limited A)

(Limited B)

(Limited C)

(Single V)

So yeah ummm the covers. How do I put this nicely.... Screw it.... They suck. The girls look great, but its just them photoshopped out of a background then pasted into another background of either random colours, a giant umbrella or some fireworks. Then someone plastered the covers in fire brushes and thats it. From what I have seen the solo covers of the girls for version C are really nice, the best out of the bunch.


When I first heard the song, I was genuinly shocked and suprised. It was so different from anything we had heard in a very long time for an a-side. The song is Like a mix of Koi no Dance site, Odore Morning Curry, Happy summer wedding all mixed into one, but still its still sounds like its own original song... I hope that makes sense

So the start of the song is Ai [big suprise there], but instead of her normal awesome sounding self, her voice was digitally altered to a higher pitych to what people call the 'chipmunk lines'. This is then followed by Reina and her chipmunk line. After that odd shock we are treated to suitar/guitar music [which I really love]. Then comes the non chorus main part of the song [I am really bad at music termanology...is it bridge?]. This part consists of very fast japanese words being sung by the girls at a rate that even JunLin have a hard time keeping up with in live performances. [mic recordings]. Then the chorus, this part contains the sexy princess parts of the song as well as Ai's now famous "Ii Janai" line. After the chorus is more suitar/guitar music accompanied by the "HOI HOI HOI's" which add great energy to the already genki song. Eri and Risa then take on thier chipmunk lines. A lot of people dont like the chipmunk lines but I found them to be a quirky adition and a bit of fun. Skip to Risa's first solo and YES! she sounds awesome, just as I knew she would. Anyway you can listen to the song yourself but overall I really Really like this. Its quirky, fun, energetic, powerful, sexy all in one and I hope will be a hit. I really like the indian kind of sound, its a nice change. The main vocalists Are Ai and suprisingly Eri who sounds great in this song. Risa and Reina take the minor vocals. There is an odd lack of Sayumi in this song, never thought I would miss her voice in a song but it is a bit of a shame she didn't get a solo line. Also as this was Koharu's last MM [yes OMG she is graduating] some people were annoyed that she wasn't featured more prominently in the single just as Yossie was in Kanashimi Twilight. So yeah, great song, great music, Liam Likes :D


Luckily by the time I decided to write this review, both the close up pv as well as the dance shot pv were released so I shall look at all 3.

I was going to post a lot of caps from this pv but this entry has already takes ages so I will post the important ones.

The pv opens with a quick shot of a nice building.....then onto the girls haha

Ai makes a very sexy prisoner

There she is, sexy miss Niigaki in her sultry glory

Don't look directly into her eyes eyes or you will melt!!

Sayu looks like a sad lost girl, I just want to give her a hug

Reina looks like she is in an elevator?

Koharu trying to be....Sexy?

Aika actually looks cool here. Maybe she should try to stop smiling for good?

JunJun looks really sexy here with the eye make up and just the whole look. I approve

LinLin looks like a little kid trying to see over a fence at the zoo

We are then treated to a nice shot of Ai's ass!


The girls show us their karate kid impression

Ai's super special awesome pv move!

Reina sure ponders a lot in this PV

Stop! In the name of love....

Cue awesome fire thingy effect

Just LOL...Risa: "Ooooooooooooh"


I love this woman


next part needs animation power

Risa boob thrust FTW!!

GOOD GOD Sayu is sexy!

YEAH! Risa confirms she has boobs for the 3rd time in the PV
(Thanks to risa/misa for gif)

and thats a good place to leave it lol

This is the dance shot ver. As this only came out like today I didn't cap it, and probably wouldn't if it came out ages ago as the dance is so fast paced and hard to cap anyway. I wont go on too much so here is a quick thing about it.

This dance is the funniest, sexiest, craziest dance I have seen since Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance. Its just full of win from the ass rubbing, boob thrusting and that weird russian march thingy as well as the risa/eri kicks. Just pure awesome! Cant wait to see people attempts at this...I wont try, it looks too hard to me. Watch JunJun's feet @ 3:27 LMFAO

Close up version: BRILLIANT. The girls move around, do hand movements, give different looks.....probably the most exciting close up I have seen in ages for that reason. Not much to say really but the best bits would be @ 0:12, 2:35 & 3:50.


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Lolli a.k.a Chibilolli a.k.a ganbarori a.k.a madam president a.k.a biggest Risa fan I have ever known a.k.a Lizzie-chan

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Why is she awesome you ask. Well, 1st of all she is a huge Risa fan, she buys loads of Risa stuff, supports her most of the time, adores the ground she walks on and sends her awesome birthday gifts. Secondly she is my go to person on Risa things as well as a reference to go to, to combat Risa non believers. Thirdly, she buys me stuff!!!! When she was over in Japan for the Nanchatte Renai release event she actually thought of little Liam all the way over in Ireland and bought me Large Risa pics from the event. Not only that, but she bought me a mini Tokyo Tower as well as an Ai cookie [a cookie from fukui.....where Ai is from, for the noobs who dont know]. Then when she got home she sent them to me and made my day.

Next, her blog is like a Mecca for all Risa fans. She reviews all the tv shows risa appears on, pv's, pics and random crap that I know all risa fans appreciate. She is so witty too often having me in tears from laughing. She also shares my dislike for aika, its a weird connection.

I bet ya I will get a message from her now at some stage that she is too old for me and I should stop coming on to her ¬.¬ she has a big head :P

So yay here's to Lizzie-chan, continue to blog and make the world a more Risa filled awesome place


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I have neglegted the blog a bit, but I am giving myself a kick up the arse and will hopefully blog again with a bit more consistency. So sorry for the dead-ness.