Nov 24, 2008

Cover You ~ Yes another review

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IT'S HERE...well nearl and I am currently listening to it so I decided to post a review of it, sop if you dont want it to be spoiled please come back another time and thanks for visiting ^_^.

Now for you who have stayed I will break the album into the different song (I know an ingenius) and then an overall thingy!! As well as having a seperate Gaki wota point of view.

Oh and just let me say, if you can please buy the music and support your idols, thankies!!

Pepper Keibu: OMG I didn't do a post on the single did I *punishes self!!* well ok let me say a few things about this. It Rocks! Even though its a cover it still rocks my socks off. It starts with an old 70's sound then the modern kick assness cuts in. All the girls FINALLY GET LINES. The song is great and the combo's are awesome. The album version get a few extra seconds of music after the pepper keibu yon! bit! but its not needed and doesn't really fit in.

Gaki wota point of view: She finally gets a good bit of lines/screen time and her voice recently or mainly or the album has gone deeper maybe to sound more like Pink Lady and this helps her to stand out more which is great.

Romance: This song opens with a very cool intro with snares, guitars and keyboard notes. Then each of the girls sings in duet for the first part that leads into reina's, Eri's and Ai-chan's solos. Duets again that leads into the choras. The song mainly has Eri, Reina and Ai vocals with Risa supports. Its a really nice song, the girls dont get featured as evenly as pepper keibu but it works very well and the duet bits are really. The song has a cool vibe going on with the snare beats. This song too gets some extra music and it does finnish off the song nicely.

Gaki wota point of view:
The song isn't very heavy with gakiness but thats ok because she does have a very nice solo line and duets well.

Dou Ni Mo Tomaranai: Opening = cool drums with low voices kyaaa!!! This was the un-released W single and they must have used the lyrics and retrofied it. This is one of my fave songs on the album! Ai and Gaki are especially in this song and they sound sooo cool!! The choras is really nice and the first time we hear it it is finished of with Gaki going Dou Ni Mo Tomaranai in a REALLY (probably the lowest I have heard her) low voice. As far as I can tell all the girls get at least one solo line which is great. In the second chorus Eri end it with singing Dou Ni Mo Tomaranai and in contrast with Gaki it is higher and it works reallllly well.

Gaki wota point of view: I love that Gaki is probably the lowest voice in the song and it works really well. People say that her voice is manly and breathy...breathy I can agree with but manly no way. If you talked to Gaki alone fore 5 mins (God I wish to be so lucky) you would think she sounded reguler and if she sang for that matter (well depending on the song), she would probably sound fine also. But if you talked to or heard Kago Ai before Risa then ya you would think she is really deep but only in comparrison to the higher pitched sounding girls like Eri. So in the end her nice deeper voice was very useful and executed lovely.

Izakaya: Opening = Whaaaaa!!! am I listening to the right song. It starts off with a man singing, but eventually Ai starts to sing. Its a really nice slow enka style song, with more that piano and violin tunes rather than electric guitar style enka. Ai sounds great as always, she may not be the most interesting member of H!P but no doubt, she is one of its best singer.

Gaki wota point of view: Its an Ai-chan solo (well not including the man) so........... No really its a lovely song and I have no complaints.

Johnny e No Dengen: Lovely violin openeing. Then GAKI AWESOMENESS!! Yup Risa sings so nicely for the 1st bit with someone (not sure) backing her up in bits. The shock! WE FIND OUT ITS ACTUALLY BASICALLY A RISA SOLO!!!! And oh my lord..she sounds sooo sweet and nice, and you can imagine her in the recording booth putting so much emotion into it. The song is, well I suppose you could call it a ballad with the usual mix of guitar, drums, piano with some lovely harp at the end.

Gaki Wota point of view: OMFG GTFO!!! Sorry I am just so happy! After all my posts do I even need to post this bit. I mean finally a Gaki solo song, its what we Gaki worshipers have been waiting for and thank god she got it for a really nice song. Next stop .....main vocals in single 38!!!

Koi No Dial 6700: ring ring ring - hello DARLING..BOOM. Lay lay lay lay lay lay!! Well thats how I thought it started. LinLin is actually saying ring ring (well ling ling). Then we get a group "WOW" then more awesomeness. And wait a Koha line that fiuts in with the song O.O!!! This song is also one of my faves. Its so genki and fun and poppy. Plus the Ring ring ring bi is so catchy I was singing it all day! Everyone sounds great in it, like all thier parts fit and sound good which is great. LinLins voice is very prominent in this song. Eri gets a really nice solo in this song, followed by Gaki yay!!

Gaki wota point of view: At the start and near the end after Eri are Gaki's ruling bits. She gets solo bits which is always awesome, but I can't only praise Gaki here even though I love her in this. LinLin and Eri sound awesome in it and LinLin sure is showing everyone that she really is a singer and she certainly moving up the MM singing ability rankings along with Eri!!

Machi No Hikari: A ballad! Now I am not a huge fan of ballads but its so nice, Ai opens it nicely as you would expect. I really love the water drop noises in it. Then suprisingly we hear Gaki after her and after Gaki's bit they really is so sweet. Now it actually is a TakaGaki DUET, and I totally love the TakaGaki pairing. They are such good friends (from what comes accross, I dont actually know them so I can't know for sure), and they always sound so good when singing together.

Gaki Wota point of view: Wow its really is so nice, and nice is a strong word when I talk about songs. It really gets to you and the girls sound so great together. As a GakiWota I am really suprised that Gaki and Ai both got Solo's and then they Duet together, it really is an amazing song.

Nagisa No Sinbad: ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! Nagisa No Sinbado! Another happy upnbeat (though not as upbeat as 6700) song. It has a great pop sound which is great. Oh Oh we get an Ai followed by a deep Gaki moment again *LOVE*.

Gaki Wota point of view: Um its a good song, not the best but good none the less. Love the anata-ey anata-ey *something* ohwee! lol. Ai and Gaki handle most of the solo bits with the rest of the song being member grouping doing the lines.

Pinponpan Taisou: A stringly Koharu based based song. Gaah whatever about her singing, WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO TALK THROUGH THE SONG. The beat and chorus aint bad but so far its one of the least successful songs for me. I guess they kind of had to give the Miracle Girl at least one main feature as she is one of the most popular and successful members in MM/H! Japan anyway. Aika is in there too for nice measure to counter her really high pitchedness.

Gaki wota point of view: UM psshhf...Doesn't really do anything for me although the horus may get stuck in my head and slowly drive me insane. I am trying to give koha a chance and her spazzy ways were making me like her more but she still aint that good of a singer.

Ringo Satsujin Jiken: The Carribean latin song. trumpets and drums galore! Its cute when they go fuuni fuuni! A nice genki but not hyper song. Great more Ai, Gaki & Eri solo's. Sayu doesn't sound too bad either. Again I love the fuuni fuuni bit.

Gaki wota point of view: Um another ok song not the greatest either.

Seishun Jidai: Reina finally pops up, I feel up until now I havent heard her at all, maybe I am mistaking some of her lines with Eri's. The song is mainly a 6th gen song and it sounds really good. Reina and Eri sounding great as always but Sayu, hmmm, sounds.........GREAT ^^, even if she is the least prominant of the three.
Gaki wota point of view: I think some Gaki wota's like myself seem to really like Eri too, so I was glad to hear her in this. I think the chorus is sung by the whole group and it gives it nice impact, without taking away from the three.

Shiroi Chou No Samba: Yay LinLin opening...sounds awesome! Not really sure how to class this song...hmm maybe a spirited ballad or a not too genki song?? And wait it appears LinLin is one if not the main singer in this song. I knew after the song where she and JunJun sung in chinese, she would get recognised and be given some decent lines. Good for her.

UFO: Synthasized alien type sounds at the start that lead into a cool beat. The chorus is great with Reina and Eris doing main vocals while Ai does the deep thingy. Then after that JunJun (finally havent heard much of her) and Gaki sing a bit. Throughout I get sucked in by the beat, its quite catchy.

Gaki wota point of view: Deep Gaki appears again and shares the song with Eri, Ai and Reina with the other girls getting little bits in there too. Another of the songs I quite like, nice different feel with that cool beat.

Watashi No Aoi Tori: Eri ballad much!! well at the start anyway, then we get some Gaki, sayu and others thrown in. I love the "Cu Cu Cu Cucu" bits its sweet. But really its clearly an Eri ballad, but I have a feeling that I am mixing her up sometimes with Reina. I was beginning to get confused because we hadn't heard Ai yet and this was a Ballad after all but then near the end she popped up.


One of the best Albums I have listened by MM ever. It has a nice mix of ballads and genki songs with most of them me liking where with others I might only like 2 or 3 where as in this there might be less than 3 songs that I dont really like. I feel that Aika and JunJun (mainly her) were left out a bit, maybe I just wasn't tuned into them. And I spookily heard very little of Reina until the last few songs and again I am probably confusing Eri bits with Reina's. Finally we get to hear lots of Gaki and because we heard so much I felt a bit guilty that some of the others didn't get heard that much ...even Koha ...what the hell is wrong with me!! But I love this album and its nice to see after resonant blue and the last good few songs with an Ai, Reina and Koha take over that other like Eri and Gaki get to shine. Over all a brilliant album I would give it 4/5 stars only for some songs didn't make that much of an impact as other songs did.

Sorry for saying REALLY so much in the entry I know I said it loads of times.

Nov 16, 2008

YAY~!!!!! so Mayuge Madness has today the 16 of November 2008 recieved its official 1000th visit, and I just wanted to say thanks to all of ye who helped me get it this far. Some special mentions for my followers, ye guys are great. International Wota for featuring my blog 3 or 4 times. Lolli for giving me lolz and for kinda being my rival which helped my keep up and posting with the site. And Dran for helping me start up and helped my do the html stuffs like that. As well as others like shwee, and the rest of my commenters, or comentators no wait I was write the first time....or was I???

So where to go from here....Well it appears the format has being doing well so far so the standard can only go up. But if people think that could use or lose something please let me know.

And lets not forget Risa, the topic of this blog, without whome I would be bored and less entertained. xxx

Nov 9, 2008

Alo hello there!!

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Sorry maybe I am a bit too excited about this!!! Nah!

Morning Musume Alo Hello! 3 DVD

商品番号 EPBE-5314
予定税込価格 3,990円
発売予定日 2008年12月24日
ジャンル イメージ/イメージ(女性)
出荷の目安 予約受付中
モーニング娘。の『アロハロ!』シリーズ第3弾!「サーフィンがしたい」「イルカと泳ぎたい!」というメン バーの希望を叶えてあげるご褒美企画。最下位には過酷な罰ゲームが待ち構えているビーチバレー&ビーチフラ ッグ対決や、プールではしゃぐ水着シーンなどなど、ハワイを満喫する彼女たちの姿を収録。

Morning Musume. Alo Hello! Third series! "You want to surf" "泳GITAI and dolphins!" Grant the wishes of the members of Planning and give you a reward. Harsh punishment to the bottom of the waiting game between the flag and beach volleyball and beach, pool scenes, such as swimsuits and frolic in Hawaii to enjoy the sight of her album.
info credit tiny@jphip

Dolphins, Harsh punishments, Beach Vollyball, pool + Bikini *drool*

ya so all that means on christmas eve Alo Hello 3 will be released on dvd, and from the sounds of the description it will be awesome. Alo hello 2 was awesome so I cant wait to see the girlsat the pool again. and yay we get to see JunJun in a bikini although I bet they will have one of those frumpy beach cover thingys on her!!!

This was/is probably being filmed in conjunction with the Hawaii fan club tour concert, well um...Hawaii I guess. The girls always seem to have an awesome time over in Hawaii so this on my list of MUST SEE OR DIE LIAM!!!

Nov 7, 2008

Athena & Robikerottsu

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Yes I know its not news but just bare with me.

ok so I knew about the group when the formed and I liked thier songs and was happy that Risa was the leader and such, and then for some reason I forgot about them. I dont know why but It was a BIG gap of time from when I listened to them to now. But last week my friend Shwee sent me the 2 singles (minus the instrumentals) and I listened to them and I fell more in love with them than I did in the 1st place. Maybe its because I was only new to j-pop when it was released and wasn't as big a fan as I am now of Risa. But I love the music but especially Yuugure ☆ Sherbet the c/w of Seishun LOVE Lunch.

So for those of you who dont know what this is... well basically it was a group made up of Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume, as leader of the group along with Mitsui Aika from Morning Musume, Okai Chisato and Nakajima Saki from C-ute.

The group had 2 singles, Shouri no BIG WAVE!!! and Seishun LOVE Lunch, to promote the anime Robby and Kerobby in which Risa was the voice actress.The 2 sinlges were happy fun songs that might remind some of Mini Moni to a degree.

The group was formed in Oct/Nov of 2007 and had their 2nd single on Valentines Day of this year. But since the Anime is now over it is same to assume that the group is finished also.

Hopefully Gaki will be put into another Group soon.

so here are the 2 PV's:

Shouri no big wave...

and Seishun Love Lunch....Relive and enjoy the awesomeness

Nov 6, 2008

The Evolution of Gaki's Hair

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yes a strange entry but I thought it would be interesting seeing as her changes so much. Plus its something to talk about :P. Dont foget these are just my opinions...

Now when she was accepted into Morning Musume she had this awesomely cute chinese style hair with 2 buns with really thin braided pigtail things, and for future reference Gaki with pigtails ever!!!

Then in her first PV she had to have her hair to match the um.....old theme of the video, wasn't a big fan of anyones hair in this vid really.

Yay! Then in Souda we're alive she got pigtails again. Kawaii...p.s yes I know its a bad pic, screen caps from youtube!!

Then from Koko ni Iruzee to her hair was relativly straight.

Now osaka koi no uta!!! You mightn't see anything special but I do. It was around this point where the hairstyles started to change and become more funky and modern, of course there will always be straight hair days, but I think her hair in the PV was awesome.

Then in Chokkan 2 we see that her hair is starting to go wavy/curly..might not seem like much but up until this we have seen her hair straight. Maybe it is naturally straight and it is curled or else it has been straightened up until now.

Then in 2007 hair got interesting with Kanashimi twilight. Yes its straight buts a style never seen on Gaki and it looks awesome.

Then Mikan arrived and so did Gaki's BIG hair. When I mean big I mean thick curly hair. look at the difference between that and go girl koi no victory, its weird.

Then for Pepper Keibu we saw 2 different hairstyles, 1 was the regular thick curly hair and the other was a slick straight one side, corncrows on the other side funky hairstyle.

If this hasn't convinced you well let me post you some good and bad Gaki hair days....

Yorosen Gaki: Good, straight + curly hair + side fringe...lovely

Pink Gaki: Bad, all over the place curly thick mad hair..

ok some general bad hairdays:

And some awesome hair:

oh and whats That....Did I hear someone metion PIGTAILS....well if ye insist :P

Yup so thats her hair XD. The reason I used the pv's was to give a sense of time rather than giving time of years.

And the moral of the story is.........GAKI SHOULD WEAR PIGTAILS MORE OFTEN!!!