Sep 17, 2008

New official keibu pics

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here are new official pepper keibu pics of Risa and of the Group. Risa looks so god damn HAWT in the top pic. She looks so seductive. Her hair is so cool and she looks older and so so good.

In the group pic the 3 noticeable differences are LinLin's hair is now jet black. JunJun looks kind of punky [but she also looks so hot] and Eri's appearence is so different. Nice to see Sayu in the front with the big 3.

I really hope this means there will be a 2nd pv for the single v!

here are some smaller pics of the green outfit.

Sep 14, 2008

About Mayuge Madness

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What is Mayuge Madness you say, well it is a fan-blog site created on the 1st of August 2008 run by me with the initial intention of using it as a blog exclusively dedicated to my favourite H!P idol Niigaki Risa. I decided that Risa needed much deserved love and this was my contribution. The name I got from her Mayuge Beam power. For those of you who don't know her Mayuge beam is a beam emitted from her eyebrows. This developed from Yaguchi Mari Sexy Beam from Koi No Dance Site, but as Risa has pretty defined / big eyebrows she created her own power. This can also be called her Omame beam. Now does that make things clearer.???

As for me; Well, my Name is Liam or Liamers if you want to use my pen name. I am a 21 year old Irish student studying Geology [in my 3rd year]. I love Gaki. She was the driving force behind me creating this blog. Plus it keeps me busy. I am usually bust with either University work, real life stuff, photshop or drama's or anime, dont worry I will always get back to the blog.....ecentually ;)

II began listening to Japanese pop music in september of 2007, not strictly though. I would only passingly search for some japanese music on youtube. It wasn't until the 24th of September that I searched and found "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari" by Morning Musume. Since then, they have been my number one musical interest. They weren't without competition though. Very soon after I discovered, I happneded to come accross some mp3 files of Arashi. I would constantly swap between the female and male music. Eventually Morning Musume won out. Eventaully after finally being able to type their name [which previously was morning mesume], I found a treasure trove of videos of the girls. After ruffling through several videos. I hit on the Music fighter episode which MM were on promoting Koi no Uta. For some reason the girls were to designate themselves a leader position in life....Risa's was to be leader of "Yokohama". From this, the hosts got Gaki to give a virtual tour of Yokohama resulting in hilarious segment which I have not been able to relocate on youtube.

2 and a half-ish years later and I know every member of hello project [not counting eggs and the og coconut/country musume girls] but I have also broadened out to other jpop music scenes inluding techno and male idols which brings me back full circle to arashi. I have also found a new love for Kpop especially Lee Jung Hyun and SNSD. So as you can imaging the topics which is now covered in Mayuge Madness has broadened significantly since its beginnings.

I could keep writing about myself and my musical history for ages but I better stop here ^^;. So I hope you enjoy my blog and don't forget...comments are greatly appreciated.

Pepper Keibu pv

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yes! its finally here and I love it. Plenty of gaki although a longer close up would have been nice. the filter at the start was clever, it looked really old but when the new music kicked in it went and it became clear. and yataa Gaki in the front ftw!

It may be simple but it works for me anyway, and the costumes phwoa! the legs O.o

as much as I like the pv I hope there is a 2nd version, they wear different costumes of the cd covers so it could happen :D .

Sep 10, 2008

Morning Musume - 2009 Calendar

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on the 25th of spetember Morning Musume will release their calander for 2009. after seeing the 2008 calander and the cover of the 2009 calander I had to pre book my own copy straight away.

I like their costyumes on the cover, they are subtle but they are also kind of a group costume but now crazy. Reina, Koharu and Ai are in the front again which isn't much of a suprise. But Reina is in the middle, has she now become the most popular member in the group, it appears so.

Aika kinda looks like shimizu saki from Berryz Koubou, maybe its the hair??

Sayu looks totally hot as always and her hair is so cool.

Gaki my little princess has got some kind of weird smile, she looks so cute. Her hair also seems to have been thinned down from her usual thick head of flowing hair.

Eri as per usual is so pretty standing at the back.

JunJun is getting prettier every month and she looks so nice in this pic. Although for some reason they seem to stick her in frumpy clothes :(

LinLin's hair was cute at first but I dont really like it anymore, she looks to business like.

Overall I am excited about this and I can't wait for my copy to arrive.

Sep 9, 2008

Cover YOU ~ MM's 9th Album

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Then on November 26, the group will release a Yu Aku tribute album called "COVER YOU," supervised by Hiroshi Itsuki, who joined Up-Front Agency earlier this year. The album includes a cover of "Izakaya," originally a duet between Itsuki and Nana Kinomi, but this time Itsuki will be paired up with Ai Takahashi instead.

some tracks that are to be on it:

勝手にしやがれ (Katte ni Shiyagare)
どうにもとまらない (Douni mo Tomaranai - W's cancelled single)
ピンポンパン体操 (Pinpon Pan Taisou)

no other news yet.

Pepper Keibu ~ MM's 37th single

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Yes its official Morning Musume's 37th single will be Peppa Keibu, a cover of the song soung originally by pink Lady in the 70's.

preview thanks to cassandra on H!O

preview of the C/W "Romance" thanks to aewen also on H!O

I really like this song and I can't wait to see the pv!!