Dec 18, 2008

Alo hello 2 ~ Niigaki Risa

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Alo Hello! 2 Niigaki Risa DVD
Catalog number: EPBE-5316
Price: 3,990 yen
Release date: 2009-01-21

yup, Gaki gets another Alo Hello dvd, and I am uber excited for this. her 1st one was awesome, I lol'd so hard when she was on that water ski boat thingy, you know when she was screaming her head off, I was laughing my head off. 2009 is looking like an awesome year for releases.

here is the cover of the alo hello MM 3 dvd so I am assuming Gaki will look this stunning in her dvd too. to be perfectly honest she stood out the most to me, and not because she is my fave but she looks awesome and that sexy look she's goin on just draws the eye.

More hilarious screaming Gaki please :D