Oct 27, 2008

Ya I recently watched the summer wonderful hearts concert of this year so I decided I would make a post about it. I cannot speak japanese so whatever people are talking about I am guessing by picking up 1 or 2 words. So on with the review. Oh and some of the pics mightnt be the best of quality either its my player or the file I have that makes it so, also the girls tend to move so I dont always get a clear shot.

Ok so like most other concerts the eggs are out first, and this time they have this weird bit shiney translucent sheet of tomething that the moved around. And to these nice soft music was playing. The girls of the concert then enter playfully, most of them holding hand with other members. Once all the girls are ready on stage the 1st song starts "Natsu LOVE Romance".

Um it was ok, it was sung great but it was a bit too slow for my likings that eraly into the concert anyway. The 2nd song however was awesome, you wanna know why, well I'll tell you.

The girls now have tennis Rackets...ooh it was so cute. This song "Manatsu no Kousen" was really fun and upbeat. And while they were singing the girls picked up some sort of spongey balls amd batted them into the audience, lookey feckers get free souveniers of the concert.

But best of all Gaki was one of the main solo vocals of the song along with Ai and Reina. And let me tell you guys, this was the best I have ever heard Gaki sing EVER. I was blown away by it, I had to keep on rewinding it. All the other girls got to sing too, koharu, aika, getting solo's, Sayu and Eri sang together as did LinLin & JunJun.

The vtr then rolls and we see the cast as usual.

Then we meet Inaba Atsuko who now replaces Mari, but in the credits she is called the "Navigator" whatever that means. She did an awesome job overall. I will talk more about her below.

We then get the main man himself "MAKOTO" and then they go to face the crowd and address them in their respective seating arrangments.

C-ute then came up and sang Edo no Temari Uta II and then Namida no Iro. They sang grand, nothing special, couldn't really complain.

Milky way was up next and I was glad because I like Anataboshi and had never seen them perform it live. The song was good and they danced well but Yuu sounded a lot different from before, she sounded more squeeky.

Berryz sang next, and yay they did monkey dance and as you can see in the above pic it wasn't just Chinami who slapped one of the girls bums, now they all do it ^_^. One thing I didn't like though was when they sang the lines ynkii monkey and that sort of stuff, they got to crowd to repeat it and as they did it clashed with the next line in the song and it seemed really messy. But throughout the performance Yurina and Saki kept up the good headbanging bits XD.

After that the sang Dschinghis Khan and that was grand. I noticed in tne performances though that Risako is sounding a lot better these days.

After the song the talked about what I think was their upcomming "best of" album and maybe it was the new concert or play they are going to be doing

Morning Musume was up next and the first thing I noticed was the black outfits with the white dots. The 1st thing that came to mind was was cruella Devil. Ya those outfits weren't that nice. They sang Resonant Blue and Mikan, they always pretty much sound the same everytime, although Mikan was cut short.

Gaki, Eri and Sayu were the focus of the next MC. Yay more Gaki. Here I go guessing again. ...

Gaki said something about Japan and then something about JunJun and LinLin, thats as much as I got.

Eri then said something about Sayu.....

Which made sayu burst out laughing

Then they started to laugh and talk about something...I have no idea ^_^;

Takahashi's solo was up next and as always she sung perfectly. It was a really nice slow song "KoiING" and she looked stunning. Although her dress was FAR too long. Now I dont just mean covering her lovely legs, I mean it had a train that she nearlyt had to pull along with her. I guess they tried to make her look more mature, it kind of worked. She was supported by the eggs and overall a really nice performance.

Then we are treated to a trio made up of LinLin (Yay wer get to hear from the little panda), Airi (Yay I love her), and Ogawa Saki (Yay a little egg) lol. But ya they sang a song I had never heard of before "Hajimete Kuchibiru wo Kasaneta Yoru" and it was really nice.

Now luckily the song wasn't completely dominated by Airi (I dont mind that sometimes) but there was just enough of her as her voice is really nice and suited the song. But as I have heard loads of her before I was mainly focused on LinLin.

LinLin looked great. This is the perfect type of song for her. She was totally in her element. She was so into the song and I lovewd her voice. Her lasgt line in the song was pure awesomness.

Now sometimes I get a bit worried when I see eggs singing as they sometimes ...well arent great. Buts thats not the case for this girl. She was quite good and she fitted the song great. Just look at her cute face...awwwww

next up it was shige pink and her concert partner Risako. I really liked their version of robo kiss in the winter concert and their performance of Chu natsu party was great too. They arent the strongest singers but together it somehow works. Its great to see Sayu getting a song nearly to herself. Their costumes were really nice and colourful and they pulled it off well.

Sayu looked so happy to be out singing...

But risako giving us a kiss was one of the highlights :P

The next MC was about Umeda Erika & Hagiwara Mai. They did that Scatto towru (used towl) bit. To be honest I didn't really see the point to it.

High King performed cinderella complex and Kioku no Meiro. Never seen these live either so I was dying to see the dance to Kioku no Meiro. And it was Brilliant. Oh and Saki and Ai were pimpin!!

After the songs there was an MC with High-King. (Guess work time again.)

It was a weird game that I didn't undersatnd. The girls were asked a question and the had to answer while swinging a racket.

ai - no idea,
reina - did a funny futon thing and nearly fell over,
Saki - looked like she was thin king really hard - did a cute like riding on a pony movement and said in the cutest way ever "Johnson",
Maimi - "oh johnny" now assumin g it has something to do with Iida,
Meada - no idea but everyone thought it was funny

Mano Erina was up next to perform her debut single "mano piano". This was the 1st time hearing it, really liked it, she plays very good, ending solo piano bit was really good.

Yay!!!! it was Gaki's turn on stage. This was probably one of my favourite bits of the night. Risa along with Eri and Aika performed "Tokonatsu Musume" a really genki hawaii type song. The costumes were great and they kept on jumping around the place although Gaki jumped the most and highest, thats why she's my #1
Gaki being her usual awesome self.....

Eri looked really good...

OMG so did Aika XD
JunJun was the star of the next song "Tropica~l Koishite~ru" along with Sudou Maasa, Kumai Yurina, Arihara Kanna, Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai, Noto Arisa, Sengoku Minami, Sawada Yuri, Mori Saki, Kitahara Sayaka & Kikkawa Yuu. The song was good. Mai's solo bit reminded me of Yuko's in Happy summer wedding.

JunJun at the end did a really weird yet really funny thing with her eyes and then....

Kyaaaa!!~ cutest pose ever

Next it was the green group (with really nice outfits). Basically it was a Reina solo supported by Umeda Erika, Shimizu Saki, Tokunaga Chinami, Nakajima Saki who did some rapping at the end. Song was grand I suppose.

After that slow song the atmosphere was amped up with Bouno who sang Gachinko do Ikou and Kiss, Kiss, Kiss which were both great, no faults.

MM then sang Egao yes Nude, which also features gaki a lot yay. But instead of Yossie they had Eri which was good, and instead of Miki they had Reina which was bad. I liked it but I think Reina didn't do a very good job of it.

Risa looking happy again......

Risa looking dead sexy now singing a line of the song. Lucky camera man!!

Berryz and C-ute then sang Massara Blue jeans (Which I love) but having Risako replace Megumi . And once again Special generation was sung...gah sing a different song than that one all the time!!

Everyone then sang love and peace which was great.

Yay gaki!!

Everyone wants a peice of her!

Gaki and LinLin get quite cosey

Some more agaki goodness

After that it was the next MC to get the stage ready. This time Inaba read out some stuff the girls said and imitated some of them

First of all she has Gaki's letter and all I can make out is that she says something about Ai-chan. She then reads Eri's again I have no idea what its about.

Next it was Reina's, the accent wasn't perfect but her doing the one eye yankii wink while her doing the peace sign reina style and going CHA!! was awesome
Next it was Aika's but again I have no idea what it was about, Inaba basically went high pitched and acted more child like and cute.

Sayu next and OMG it sounded exactly like her. I actually though my god she sounds just like her and if you watch this, close your eyes as she does it and you'll see what I mean. And to top it off she did the Usa-chan peace sign while going "Pyon" oh it was too cute

Next it was JunJun/LinLins letter and she again sounded exactly like junjun, it was so funny, she sounded a lot like her as she read the very short message very fast XD

After JunLins it was Eri's again I have no idea.

This is the face she pulled after doing a great impression of Koharu. Her voice went really high pitched and she sounded a lot like her.

Ai's was next and again I have no idea, no impersonation either.

After all that the girls got on stage to sing the choir type song "Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou". And as they did so Gaki looked quite happy....

and then....

She pulls this awesome face at someone, it was so funny. And OMG look how EVIL saki looks behind them!!

Then it was time for the last song and it sounded great, awesome harmonies and vocals and everyone looked really good.

Then shock: JunJun gets a solo line and shock again: its in chinese and she sounded awesome. She pulled it off great.

Then another shock: LinLin also gets a solo which is also the best part of the song. Look how JunJun sings along with her and how Gaki looks down on her like a proud mother.

Then came the great sort of crechendo at the end and they all raised their hands very dramatically.

LinLin looked so happy after her solo. She should be too it was one of the best performances of the night.

Look how cool Yurina looks,

Once the song was over C-ute said goodbye

As did berryz

And shock so did MM

But along with Ai-chan, Gaki was the last to leave. How cute!!! xx

Overall an wesome concert that is a must see, phew this review actually took hours to do up. please comment or something