Dec 18, 2008

My views on the Cinderella Musical

Posted by Liamers At 9:26 PM 1 comments
ok, well I am going to break the mould here and not say that it was incredibly awesome. Infact some bits really bored me. For example when cinderella and the fairy godmother are talking about wishes coming true, it went on way too long, after that I was so bored I turned it off and watched the rest the next night.

The character of cinderella annoyed me too. Ai was a fine actor and all but the whole time she did this look....

and it was annoying the hell out of me. She did it when she was thinking, when she was happy, remembering, fatasizing...she constantly did it and to me she looked tired, stoned or a bit special...I dunno why it annoyed me so much but the fact that she did it so much annoyed me even more really anooyed me.

The saving grace of this play was the prince, the stepsister and stepmother, Gaki was cool and a rebel and the step family were all pretty funny. the rest didn't really do much.

I was dissapointed because I was sooo happy when I found out Gaki was to be the prince, but alas to me it didn't deliver and it wasn't even on the same level as ribon no kishi. This play had WAYYY too much, and yes I do realise she was the main character but still.

Overall I would give it a 2.5 out of 5.


  1. Dran says:

    The musical wasn't that bad. It wasn't the same as Ribon no Kishi. Ribon felt more like a panto, this felt more like a production, to be honest.

    As for the face that Cinderella kept making, it's good. It looks really dreamy, and throughout the musical we are told time and time again that Cinderella dreams too much.

    I thought one of the real comedic stars of the show was Ebira Kaoru as the King.

    Gaki was the one who started to annoy me after a while, to be honest. I'm not sure wether it was her acting or just the awful make-up she had on. Mind you, she ended up just like a Takarazuka.

    The whole thing felt really short. It was no shorter than Ribon no Kishi, but it felt so much shorter. Good or bad thing? You decide.