Dec 21, 2008

Alo Hello 3 preview

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Sure its typical aint it. as soon as I make an updated post on it...a preview comes out...oh well I guess I better talk more about it :D

so as you can see from the word go you drool you die and swoon ......maybe not in that order lol

so what are my views on this preview.

wooo excited and energetic, yay

mmm lovely logo aint it

ooh sunbathing competition............... wait no its crazy beach games

speaking of crazy....what the hell is JunJun doing XD

koharu and Aika ...meh......why the hell does koharu think beack vollyball is scary...did she play loads of vollyball at hogger

woo group hugs *join in hugging screen*

Koharu squashes Aika....does nothing for me

LinLin takes a crazy shot "que awesome reaction" I love LinLin :)

Gaki goes mental "USO USO!!" Ai and Reina proceed to laugh at Risa....kyaaa cute

More group huggs mmmmm

mmmmm posing..... suns in thier eyes so they look sleepy

JunJun in Bikini + Eri = dead

group posing.... dead again

JunJun coming on to Sayu - ooh yes!!

LinLin in fun position with JunJun looking on - naughty :D

"Oh its hot" sayu proceeds t shove her boobs in our faces while acting innocent - delightful :D

pouting, falling over, laughing, pushing - crazyness..cant wait

zoomed in on Ai's um...body board....dead again

group floating...relaxing...then fall over...que Risa ultimate reaction and body ever!!

clips going everywere then.....kyaaaa gaki gets some dolphin lovin....lucky fecker

ah shopping

Eri looking awesome in straw hat accompanied by Risa...what are they doing together hmmmm. must find out

LinLin LMAO at her expression...then Reina follows and laughs her ass off too yay!!

Aika is a mermaid

Sayu finds banana flavoured tissues....¬.¬

YAY OMG fast boast screaming, peace signs END....awesome

I really want to get this...but I want a subbered version which I will only get by download..I also want to get Risa's Alo Hello 2...gah Decisions...

What do ye think