Sep 14, 2008

About Mayuge Madness

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What is Mayuge Madness you say, well it is a fan-blog site created on the 1st of August 2008 run by me with the initial intention of using it as a blog exclusively dedicated to my favourite H!P idol Niigaki Risa. I decided that Risa needed much deserved love and this was my contribution. The name I got from her Mayuge Beam power. For those of you who don't know her Mayuge beam is a beam emitted from her eyebrows. This developed from Yaguchi Mari Sexy Beam from Koi No Dance Site, but as Risa has pretty defined / big eyebrows she created her own power. This can also be called her Omame beam. Now does that make things clearer.???

As for me; Well, my Name is Liam or Liamers if you want to use my pen name. I am a 21 year old Irish student studying Geology [in my 3rd year]. I love Gaki. She was the driving force behind me creating this blog. Plus it keeps me busy. I am usually bust with either University work, real life stuff, photshop or drama's or anime, dont worry I will always get back to the blog.....ecentually ;)

II began listening to Japanese pop music in september of 2007, not strictly though. I would only passingly search for some japanese music on youtube. It wasn't until the 24th of September that I searched and found "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari" by Morning Musume. Since then, they have been my number one musical interest. They weren't without competition though. Very soon after I discovered, I happneded to come accross some mp3 files of Arashi. I would constantly swap between the female and male music. Eventually Morning Musume won out. Eventaully after finally being able to type their name [which previously was morning mesume], I found a treasure trove of videos of the girls. After ruffling through several videos. I hit on the Music fighter episode which MM were on promoting Koi no Uta. For some reason the girls were to designate themselves a leader position in life....Risa's was to be leader of "Yokohama". From this, the hosts got Gaki to give a virtual tour of Yokohama resulting in hilarious segment which I have not been able to relocate on youtube.

2 and a half-ish years later and I know every member of hello project [not counting eggs and the og coconut/country musume girls] but I have also broadened out to other jpop music scenes inluding techno and male idols which brings me back full circle to arashi. I have also found a new love for Kpop especially Lee Jung Hyun and SNSD. So as you can imaging the topics which is now covered in Mayuge Madness has broadened significantly since its beginnings.

I could keep writing about myself and my musical history for ages but I better stop here ^^;. So I hope you enjoy my blog and don't forget...comments are greatly appreciated.