Dec 22, 2008

Introducing Ice creamusume

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ok I have made the decission to start posting other idol news besides all gaki stuff so enjoy ^^


Yes Bing Qi Lin Shao Nu Zu or Ice Cream Musume is the newest group to join the H!P family, but what makes this group different is that it is made up of all Chinese members...... and here they are:

Name: Xi Le / Shen Shen (喜樂 / シェンシェン)
Real name: Wú Sī Xuán (吳思璇)
Date of Birth: 10th Jan, 1988
Star sign: Capricorn
Flavour: Blueberry Ice Cream
Blood Type: O
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 43.5 kg


Name: Anchii
Real name: Zhóng An Qi
Date of Birth: 23rd July, 1989
Flavour: Coffee Ice Cream
Blood Type: B

Name: PeiPei (傻白/ ペイペイ)
Real name: Céng Dé Píng
Date of Birth: 10th Feb, 1991
Flavour: Vanilla Ice Cream
Blood Type: A

Name: Lightbulb / Youko (燈泡 / ヨウコ)
Real name: Zháo Guó Róng
Date of Birth: 28th Aug, 1992
Star sign: Virgo
Flavour: Strawberry Ice Cream
Blood Type: A

Name: ReiRei (阿翠 / レイレイ)
Real name: Qiu Cui Ling
Date of Birth: 16th Jan, 1994
Flavour: Choco-Mint Ice Cream
Blood Type: O

Name: Guu-chan, Froggy (小筠 / グーチャン)
Real name:Gú Yún
Date of Birth: 14th Dec, 1996
Flavour: Mango Ice Cream
Blood Type: O

I am really looking forward to seeing what these girls do. I already have my two favourites, Youko & ShenShen, youko is a great singer and ShenShen did an awesome bellydance, plus both are quite cute ^^.

On the 9th Jan 2009 they will release their debut Mini-Album "1st Best!"
Not too sure yet, I could actually be just imagining this but, there might be 2 versions of it, a mandarin one and a japanese one...dont take my word for it.

One confirmed song on the album though is Renai Revolution 21 or as its called ......Lian Ai Ge Ming 21

and here it is, just copy and paste the link into the url box...

I like it, it will take a little time to get used to, and maybe they could have changed the arrangemnent a little but all in all its quite good. I like the synthasized bits, I dont get though why they start of the track is in japanese and then the girls sing in chinese??