May 7, 2009

Omame-Fansubs....the birth

Posted by Liamers At 10:43 PM 3 comments
Hey guys sorry that I havent posted in ages, its exam season and wouldn't you know it, I have exams :/

Anyway ages ago I talked to Dran from Berryz Kyuuden about subbing vids. He said it was pretty easy but it involved a lot of patience....A LOT!! So I just acknowledged it and went about my day. Then a few weeks ago the pv for Morning Musume's "Shouganai Yume Oibito" single came out and after a few watches I got the urge to sub it. I dont really know why, maybe its because its such a nice pv, maybe because I absolutly friggen love the song, and maybe the fact that Gaki looks and sounds amazing pushed me into the subbing phase.

So I went to dohhh up and ripped the video.....then I was stuck XD. I went on to msn and subtly asked dran how I start subbing. Actually it wasn't subtle at all I just out and asked him how to sub haha!

So he explained that I had to go and download a software thing called 'Aegisub'. So I did that...and let me tell ya, you cant work it by opening it as soon as you get it and make a subbed video, oh no you cant! You have to read ¬.¬

So I went online and looked at the manual.....then closed it again and went to Dran on msn ....again ^^; And Dran kindly walked me through the very basics, like the interface, what things meant etc.

Eventually I got the video loaded into the aegisub, now all I needed were the Kanji lines, its romaji counterpart and a full translation. Piece of cake... I just hopped over to Musume-Central and sferris had done all the work for me XD. He very kindly allowed me to use his translations.

So I put the lyrics into the software and timed it...which isn't too bad. But OH MY FRIGGEN GAWD, doing the karaoke timing of the romaji took me flippen ages. But I eventually got it done, and seeing how long it took me to do the romaji, I decided not to do the kani with it ^^;. so that was done, but for some reason I left the project for like a week or so, then I remembered it was there one day when I was bored and put in the english translations.

Then came the encoding part *Que thunder*. I asked Dran (yes him!) how to encode, he said ask SacredCultivor from Hello!Fansubs, which I did. He then said that he was terrible at explaining how to do it, that was fine no problems there [we love you over here at mayuge madness SC]. SC then recommended that ask this other dude that I had never heard of.

So I went back to Dran XD. And I sent him my video file as well as all the subs with the timing to him and he worked his magic and encoded the lot for me. He also gave me a template code thing for the romaji to make the karaoke look better plus....he also did the starting credits because when I did them for some stupid reason they never worked.

So after all that, I uploaded it to youtube and it has recieved over 200 views yay. I also made a torrent out of it [after Dran showing me how XD] and uploaded it to Hello!Online and there it had been downloaded 674 times to this very second. That actually made me go WOW! Then the vid got re-uploaded to youtube a few times by other users, I finally became one of those people. The type of person who does something so great or stupid that other people want to upload your stuff onto youtube.

So finally I once again want to thanks sferris and a huge thatks to Dran for all his help.

Now here is the vid, please enjoy and comment or whatever haha. see ya!