Jun 20, 2010

Pain relief with KAT-TUN's new album

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YAAAAAAAAAY!! Its about time. Yes everyone KAT-TUN have finally released their 5th album titled "NO MORE PAIИ ". This is also their 2nd album to feature only 5 members, Akanishi Jin once again missing, this time focusing on his solo stuff rather than issues revolving around scandals. The album was released on the 16th of this month and was available in a limited and regular edition, the image above coming from the limited version. This album contains 14 tracks as follows:

  1. N.M.P. (NO MORE PAIN)
  2. Love yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~ (Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~)
  7. Going!
  8. SWEET (Kamenashi Kazuya)
  9. LOVE MUSIC (Taguchi Junnosuke)
  10. MAKE U WET -CHAPTER 2- (Tanaka Koki)
  11. RABBIT OR WOLF? (Ueda Tatsuya)
  12. FILM (Nakamaru Yuichi)
  14. HELLO (Regular Edition only
As you can see the album contains the single Going!, which ye may know my feelings towards, but we also get 13 brand new tracks which is awesome, 5 of these are solo songs for each of the members.The title track of this album is N.M.P (NO MORE PAIN) for which a pv was made. now let us go and watch this pv and cap it to hell then talk about the rest of the album m'kay!.....................................

Now I really like this pv. Its atmospheric and unusual and works well with the song.I'll talk about the song later, but for now lets focus on the visuals with... you guessed it....CAPS!

Nice Visual opening- very atmospheric

Wow! very cool.

Really impressed by the visuals. Good enough to be a movie!

Haha these guys are like plastic nazi's

A rare look at Taguchi looking genuinely cool

Nakamaru kinda looks the same as always

It's the return of the butterflies!!

Count Tanakula

Kame looks best when he goes all out acting wise. He can even pull of eye make-up

Such a great actor

I think this performance makes up for a lack of Jin

Taguchi kinda looks lost

Nakamaru is wearing something weird....

Moody Ueda

ZOMG he is messing his hair!!!

I keep getting an edward scissorhands vibe at this part

Koki rap starto!

Sprawling skin text is a cool effect (K)

No Jin so this is what we get instead (A)

Wtf Taguchi pouting.... (T)


I actually found this simple movement quite cool (T)

Piercing eyes!! (U)

Poor Nakamaru never gives much impact (N)

Sprawling text returns....this makes me happy

Wow Ueda seems to be putting a lot into this pv

Sorry Yuichi fans, he just doesn't imapct me much


Peek-A-Boo! There he is.....

This bit of text is a bit overused on Koki but I shall forgive them

This man is class

Wooooo!~ Ueda sure is giving it socks!

GAH! The pain!! (I wonder if the red text symbolises something)

No More Pain......ah now I get it.....

Very nice visually pleasing ending

Right then, onto the actual music of the album.

The lead track on the album and it's easily my favourite song on the album.It starts with a lovely string instrumental. I'm a sucker for voilins in jpop. This is ended by an eerie gothic bell toll which eventually breaks into the main midevil instrumental. 1 and a half minutes into the song and everyone has already been given a line. The chorus is great, energetic and with the voilins in the background, its very atmospheric.This song incorporates Koki's rapping, yuichi's beat boxing and a small bit of autotune near the end, all of which work very well in this song. We are also given an insight into Ueda giving a bit of his singing power into the song, which I found very pleasing. Sone of the english bits are hard to understand, especially after the "I don't wanna lose you" bit.

Love Yourself
This was KAT-TUN's 11th single, the a-side of which was used for kame's drama. I like this song, albeit not as much ad THE D-MOTION but has a nice rhythm to it and its the first single of their's which incorporates the autotune thing. At the start I liked it, then I didn't, then I did again. Its a good song but lacks a bit of punch, its kinda soft if that makes any sense?

This the first of the slow type songs on the album, but unlike most slow songs...I like it.Its a slow song but its not sang in a ballad type of way, plus it has a bit of a beat in the background which elevated slightly at the chorus. A very nice song which can properly show their songing ability.

This was by far my favourite song of their 11th single. It is comprised fully of that autotune feature which is kind of weird but it worked really well, and me being a perfume fan was pleased with it. I really like the instrumental of this song, and the way the lads sand in a lower register than usual, well with some exceptions. Jin was cooler than usual with him singing lines like "Feel the beat I busted that burning up your body bitch!"...we wouldn't get that with H!P now would we. I also really liked Ueda's lines where he rolled his R when saying "Rrrrrrrock your body". Just a great song, funny pv...just great :)

Right Now
Yuichi must have had a beatbox surplus that built up and spilled into this track. Nah I'm only joking, I really like his beatboxing an the start is a very cool mix of beatboxing and voice manipulation....very techno robotic. It is along the same lines of THE D-MOTION which is why they placed it after it I suppose. I like this song, but I wouldn;t want too much of the voice alteration in a KAT-TUN album.

When I first heard this song, all I could think of was ARASHI! It sounds exactly like a song that arashi would put it. Its the same kind of guitar work and arrangemnet and singing style of arashi's songs. I actually don't know what to say about this song besides that its exactly like listening to arashi....which isn;t a bad thing, I like arashi and they are very successful, but I wan't KAT-TUN on a KAT-TUN album.

Already wrote my thoughts on this Here.

This is the 1st of the solo songs. This is Kame's. I don't really like the way he sings in this song, and the instrumental is pretty bland, but it does show off his singing prowess.
This is Taguchi's solo song. Its always interesting to hear his solo songs, this one is a sort of rnb/hip-hop ish. At the start I thought it was Yuichi doing the ooooh's. I quite like this song, as he has such a distinctive singing voice within the group, but listening to the solo allowed me to hear more of what he is capable of. 

Its the return of the raunchy named song as Koki takes on this great song. I really like the song but the starting and ending are just really weird O.o.... listen for yourselves. Its got an arabian hip-hop vibe to the instrumental.....yes I did just describe it as arabian hip-hop. This is one of my favourite solo songs on the album as its a bit dirty and I really like the way koki sings. We dont usually get to hear him actually sing on his own, so this is a nice treat. 

If koki's is one of my favourite solo songs on the album, this would be the other. This is Ueda's and its got the most rock like feel out of the lot. It suits him, though in the title I can only imagine him being a rabbit poor lad. The song also uses a radio effect in his voice which adds a nice bit of variety. My view of Uebons singing went up after listening to this and N.M.P.

The last of the solo songs, and this is Yuichi's. This aint a bad song either. Its somewhere in between Taguchi's and Kame's in terms of energy. Its an ok song, definitely an album track. Might be nice to listen to while driving in a convertable in the sunny weather.

Its the big group ballad at the end of the album......awwww. Not a huge fan of ballads but this is ok.

Whoot, last song on the album and they end on an upbeat note. "RRrrrrrrrrrr HELLO!!" Lots of clapping for the instrumental of this song. 2 thirds of the way through though it kinda turns into SIX SENSES from Queen of Pirates. 

Overall: A good album, with a grear lead track, some good solo songs, and nice vocals all round.


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