May 13, 2010

New KAT-TUN pv released [+ picspam]

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Ya so a few days ago KAT-TUN, my 2nd favourite Jpop group released the PV for their 12th single "Going!". Now just a bit on the single itself....I am kinda meh about it. It seems more like a filler song on an album.. It just lacks impact and a chorus thats memorable unlike "THE D-MOTION" & "Love Yourself" which both had great catchy beats that I would find myself humming without realising. Also this single is missing Akinishi Jin, in my opinion the groups best singer. Its weird, the last single they released without Jin I didn't like either so maybe I subconciensly like him more than I think. Any way here is the song and pv so you can listen to it yourself.................

Time for random capping and annotations yaaay!!

Ok so it starts off with the members rotating

And rotating

And rotating, poor Taguchi is always last.

Going! YEAH, Going! Yeah

Kaz there, thinking he's fantastic now that Jin isn't around :P


Dance shot woo, with a really bland background.

Close-ups woo.

My hair looks the same in every pv recently YEAH!

They try their best at being hookers. WHAO look at Nakamaru's pimp shoes. Is the difference supposed to symbolise something....besides him being the oldest?

Man, the hair department must have been really lazy for this pv

Kaz shows us where all the make-up was applied. IT DOESN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE HIM!

Overhead dance shot to break up the front facing dance shot

Wonder twin powers ACTIVATE!

Random floating screens are random

WAIT! Is that a sparkling silver butterfly on his neck!? o.O

More shit hair

Dramatic staring into the distance shot

Cool Ueda that does boxing. Then....

Poor fella couldn't look more gay if he tried

I couldn't stop laughing when I paused the pv here. He looks like that grey bulldog from Tom & Jerry

How awkward does Taguchi look XD

Yuichi's dramatic distant look

Yuichi's sport shot: Football

Kaz sport shot: Baseball

Junnosuke checking to see if anyones around....


Way too dramatic falling petal shot

Koki rap STARTO!

Koki: "Talk to the hand bitch"
Ueda: "Oh no he di-unt"

Koki sport shot: watching tv and eating popcorn

Another farting shot


And thats the pv. What do ye think of it. I love KAT-TUN and the lads but this is just meh. Hopefully they will get back to form soon. Gor the singles details please go HERE


  1. I feel similar about the single. I'm not really feeling it at all. I think I prefer "FALL DOWN"

    "Poor fella couldn't look more gay if he tried" LMAO!

  1. Liamers says:

    Ya I prefer FALL DOWN more too, but even that song is kinda meh. I don't think this will be a KAT-TUN song I deathloop. Lets hope for better stuff in the album.

    And ya, seriously wtf is with the butterfly, another firend of mine was saying that in every concert he wears some sort of skirt at some stage.

  1. Hahaha, sorry that this comment is so long.