Jul 22, 2010

KAT-TUN becomes KU-NTT

Posted by Liamers At 9:33 PM 7 comments

Ok so I still don't have much time to blog while doing this University research, but I had to post this. So without going into all the nitty gritty, Jin posted a message on some official JE phone site which basically said that he was to leave KAT-TUN to become a solo singer. The fans seem to be divided, one side is very upset...being fangirls and all. The other side is kinda meh and they were meh about him...him being a bit of a douche at times and all. One can't deny however that he was probably [well in my opinion anyway] the best singer in the group and his absence will leave the group with a different type of sound. Personally I don't like that he is leaving, I never really cared for him as a celebrity or whatever but he was a great singer, plus the group were together for years, even before their debut. What affects me most however is the future of KAT-TUN. Will it remain KAT-TUN, Kame possible lending the A in his name or will they have a name change. Can you image awaiting a new song from a group called KU-NNT?

What are your thoughts?


  1. Looking Good! Thanks for the read KUNNT? lol it may be a hit in small circles. Good luck!

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