May 11, 2010

I nearly wet myself.......!!

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Yes, I nearly wetmyself from laughing. Why did I nealy wet myself you say. Well its all because of the crazy antics of Morning Musume's new two top.....KAMIKAME!! Yes the crazy duo were up to shennanigans in Morning Musume DVD Magazine Volume 30. In case you misssed it, here is is..................


So, did you manage to come out of that ok. God knows I rewatched that part of the DVD magazine multiple....MULTIPLE times and by the end of it my face was soaked with tears, my throught was closing up from laughing so much, my stomach was in bits and my nether regions were in pain after squuezing my legs together to stop myself from peeing my pants. Too much information.....nah! And so I can't pass up this oppertunity to cap it....

Stoned Desu!

Pissed Desu!

Then without warning they go mental...

Gaki: Ne Kame how many pills did you take?
Kame: This many .. MWAAH

DENE~...ya, no idea what was going on


Kame: Yamen boyu basho you me so hawshi yo kun haw yo kun haw fun ukooka.....?



Retarded clapping FTW. This is the bit that sent me over the edge from laughing to trying to prevent myself from wetting myself

Thinking hard....

wait for it...



Queue retarded faces!!

Gaki epic face
Kame looks stoned

Bulldog Gaki
Kame is definitely stoned

Maybe Kame is doing a Kaori impression...or SHE'S STONED!!

Gaki then says something like "Milk"

Gaki: Muri, Muri
Kame: Bounsu, Bounsu
-More retarted clapping for good measure-

Gaki: Bye - ha- ...
Kame: 'Ive had enough of this shit' HAI!!


Now wasn't that just splendid. Oh man I love these two when they act like idiots ♥ . Well they supplied me with much entertainment. This entry could have used .gif-age though.