May 4, 2010

Welcome to part 3 in my expanding music horizons series. This time I shall be focusing on the rapidly increasing and influential Korean pop music. And from this genre, I shall be seeing what girl groups/artists I have branched out to and who I have liked and so forth. So without any delays lets get the it:

So Nyuh Shi Dae / Girls' Generation

SNSD are the first Kpop group that I ever listened to. It was also a pretty easy transition to make as they were a group composed of 9 different girls with different personalities and looks that sand pop songs, to me it reminded me of Morning Musume..............

Unlike listening to some groups for the 1st time, I knew I liked them after I listened to my first SNSD song which was the insanely catchy "Gee". And that my firends is thier secret. They release music that is insanely catchy that you will find yourself with their tune stuck in your head almost after the very first listen. Liking this group was also made very easy by the fact that I found 7 out of the 9 girls to be very attractive. The debuted in 2007 and since then have become major players in the korean music industry.
There are 9 girls as I said, and unlike the time I first found Morning Musume, I have found many other groups around the same time as finding SNSD so I have not been able to remember all the names or match names to faces as of yet, but pretty soon I will. I can tell you that I know Taeyeon, Sunny, Yuri and Jessica, the other will register soon enough. Though Morning Musume and SNSD shouldn't really be compared as they are totally different marketing wise, it is easy to compare vocal talent. The leader Taeyeon [my personal favourite], is a fantastic singer, which is a kin to Takahashi Ai of Morning Musume. Unlike Morning Musume however, ALL they girls are capable singers, some obviously better than others, but they definitely all can sing. Thier music also seems to be much better thought out and produced so that you can't help but remember the song, even if you dont want to. They are by far my favourite Korean group that I have listened to as of yet.

I oh! so love this song... [note viewcount]

After School

After School would probably be my second favourite female kpop group. Like SNSD, it is quite a large group with the current roster consisting of 8 members. Also unlike SNSD, they are a group heavily influenced by RnB and electro genre's with a few members proficient in rapping. They were marketed as a korean pussycat dolls, then in 2009 it was announced that they were to be the south korean Morning Musume. Speaking of MM, in May 2009, After School released "Dream Girl", a korean cover of "Love Machine" and was used as the theme song to the H!P Korean auditions. That was to be the first I heard of this group, I liked the song, but once the show was over I didn;t bother with the group for almost a year later when I rediscovered them and liked nearly all of their songs from the first listen.
After school's sound is pretty much the norm in the korean music market at the moment which is dominated by RnB/electro groups to the extent where most sound exactly the same. After School however stand out from the groups in this genre...I don't know why but they do. Unlike SNSD however, I know none of their names nor could recognise their faces, but hey the music is great and thats what counts right. Thier current single Bang! made me fall in love with it from about 30 seconds into it. That high school band tune really stuck to me. I like it so much that it became my favourite single of thiers and beat SNSD's new song "Run Devil Run" in my personal rankings. see for yourself..


F(x) are up next because after my 2 favourite girl groups were done, fx were next in alphabetical order. Anyway fx are a 5 member group which sings RnB/electro songs. And like what I said in the after school part, this group slots right in there. They dont really have that big of an impact on me and thier songs are not really that catchy. Also to me it seems like they are trying way to hard to be cool/hip/street...whatever you want to call it. They have the too cool to look girly girl and a girl who likes to wear ghetto hats as well as 3 cute girls who dont really pull off that kind of image. Ya not much to say really. This is one group that I am indifferent over. Here is a song of theirs.

Lee Jung Hyun

This woman is amazing. When I first discovered her, I was hooked on her for a good while. This everyone is Lee Jung Hyun, a Korean soloist who is famous for her early music in the Electronica/techno/trance pop genre. At the moment her music is more mainstream but less interesting that what she used to release. She was the one who rekindled my love for techno and I am thankful to her. She is also a stunning woman so thats a bonus. She began to release music in 1999 when trance beats were all the rage and man did she release some catchy tunes. Its hard to describe but ye will just have to watch the videos below to see her stuff. Nowadays her stuff as I said is more mainstream as its harder to sell trance stuff these days. But her new stuff still has electronic elements to it, its just more mainstream and pop now, which isn'ta bad thing but its now the music I liked her for. She is also a bit of a mad yolk with her dancing as you will see in 'Wa', also when singing live she used a custom mic which was mounted on her baby finger, very interesting indeed. Her music might not be to everyones tastes but if you like a good beat and catchyness then check her out. She is like an older korean version of Perfume...kinda.

skip onto about 1 min to get the the actual song, the starting is just an intro.

wa live - THE DANCING..THE MIC!!


Son Dam Bi

Son Dam Bi is a smokin hot Korean soloist who appeared in 2007. I know absolutely nothing about her besides her name and nationality. But I dont care. Just look at her. HAWT!! Her music style again, influenced by pop, RnB and elctro tones. However her music style changed a little so it doesn't really sound repetative like some other groups songs. Unlike some other groups, her music is easy listen to and you could find yourself listening to her music without realising it [not in a way that its just background music]. But for this reason, I can never remember what songs I have listened to or liked, so I just listen to them all over again ^^;.
This video is pretty famous for her so 'chair dance' enjoy...I know I did :D

Wonder Girls

Nobody nobody but you......! Ya so I added this group just because they are well knows. But I have only really listened to one song and that would be their hit "Nobody". A good and catchy song, the group hasn't done much since. I think there was supposed to a new album released soon but they got into a car accedent and the driver of the taxi their bus crashed into died so promotion got suspended by 2 weeks. Give the song a listen and give them a try, I just never really got much into their other songs


Phoa, prepare yourselves. 2NE1, the last in this series, are probably the most agressive and RnB type group that I have listened to. One thing you are guarenteed when you watch/listen to 2NE1 are 1: Rediculus outfits and 2: some yo yo ghetto english intro monologues. The titles of their songs are pretty agressive too including 'Fire'& 'I don't care'. Unfortunately, I dont really like RnB all that much and can pout up with the other groups because they usually have a mix of styles, but this group is just too 'grrrrrr' for me. I feel like they are attacking me rather than singing to me so I think I will leave them at my discovery stage and move on.

Speaking of moving on, here are a list of artists I plan on exploring next and as always, any suggestions are most welcome: BoA, KARA, Lee Hyori, Lee Soo Young, T-ARA

The next in the series will also be the last and it will be on the korean guys. look forward to it