Apr 30, 2010

Gaki goodies announced: DVD, PB & BLOG

Posted by Liamers At 9:51 PM 3 comments

OMGaki, this ios the best week for gaki news ever!!! So 2 days or so ago I say on the Hello! Online twitter that Gaki was to release a DVD, so I rushed over to the relavent release thread at the site and got the most glorious information. On the 14th of July this year, Risa will release her 3rd solo DVD entitled Alo Hello! 3. This is great, she always gives us great stuff from her dvd's. Her 1st was awesome and full of fun energetic Gaki. The second one was about how she has become a mature lady as it was to me knowledge released sometime around her 20th birthday. This time I am hoping for more genki crazy gaki with as many crazy reactions thrown in as possible. The DVD was also announced on the same day, this is yet untitled but who cares. Her last photobook was released 25th of April 2008, thats over 2 years ago so she was overdue a new pb, and from peoples reactions around the web, everyone is delighted for her. This means great shots of her in great location, short-haired gaki pics...hopefully with different styles and most importantly....BIKINI'S! Yay I'm so happy. July COME ON!

relavent info:

アロハロ!3 新垣里沙 DVD(仮)

商品番号 EPBE-5382
予定税込価格 3,990円
発売予定日 2010年7月14日
ジャンル イメージ/イメージ(女性)

e-hon page

モーニング娘。のサブリーダー新垣里沙が1年半ぶりにソロDVDを発売。元気あふれる新垣里沙のハワイでの映像をお届け! もちろん水着シーンもたっぷり収録。 W購入者特典応募ハガキ封入。 ※写真集 (7月14日発売: キッズネット)とのW購入者特典実施。 (応募〆切: 2010年8月31日当日消印有効)

Neowing page

Onto the blog...

When Risa was doing some live webcast thing on UStream, Gaki asked if she could have a blog, a while later she was told she could....que REACTIONS!!!

The blog is yet untitled and can be found HERE. She has somesmall entries put in so far, basically saying that she has a blog and how happy she is. These people have translated the entires so far and will hopefully continue to do so for ever and ever.

This is great news. Risa has always said that she wanted to go into acting for drama's and movies and to have a blog. And well now, out baby has a blog. This of course means loads of intimate pics of our angel in various situations with so and so people doing cute poses and hopefully help us to get to know the reaction queeen a little more.

Well thats all I wanted to say. I thought I would let ya'll know and to ask ye to supporther by buying the DVD or PB if ye can, and of course to enjoy the new blog!

oh Risa <3


  1. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely adored her previous two Alo Hello! releases (especially her first, though it's not like I can really fault the second), so I can't imagine that this one will be too different in that regard. =P

    And gosh, it's really been two years since Happy Girl? I'd have to agree with you, definitely overdue.

  1. Gnilp says:

    Wasn't her previous DVD the one where she went shopping and cooked in her hotel room? I thought that was hilarious. Aah, new Gaki DVD. Can't wait!!

  1. Liamers says:

    No the new one involved the convertable car, the relaxing boat ride thing and the elagant dinner in the blue dress. Alo Hello 1 was when she went shopping and stuff.