Mar 9, 2010

Lost Korean Girl!

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Anyone remember this girl?? No! Well let me tell you about her.

Her name is Jang Da Yeon and last year this 15 year old girl won the Hello! Project Koea audition. Oh yeah, remmeber her now?

Well its nearly a year since she was announced the winner of the auditions, but since then not a word has been said about her....

well before we delve any further, lets look at some facts.

- The winner of the audition [there was to be only 1 winner] would go on to become a member of Hello! Project, specifically, NOT a member of Morning Musume.
- She'll go to training in Japan, and her training will be "Japanese style", taking all the steps that a Japanese entertainer would take for debut.

Now I may be looking WAY too much into this, but I have been increasingly interested in K-pop and so the future of this girl interests me. And so I get frustrated when I see that almost a year later we have heard nothing since she departed from Japan, except for her appearance at the champloo concert in which she came on briefly as a special guest.

Also if you check both the Hello! Project and UFA sites, you will see that she is not listed as an act under them.

UFA artist index
Hello! Project artist index

Maybe I am just being paranoid though as it seems only debuted artists or soloists are shown. But surely the UFA ite would have here there. Now this could also be just an over sight as there are some groups there that are no longer active such as SHIPS and MilkyWay.

This scares me a little as she just seems to have been forgotten about. No one ever talk about her, where is she, whats she at. She just doesn't exist. But It may very well be that she is still training very hard for her debut. I know that in Korean, people can train for years before they debut, this could be no different. I suppose its not unreasonable for her to take this long to learn Japanese to a certain level of quality, and learning to dance could take a long while too, I dunno I can't dance. Vocal training too is important, so all these factors could explain her long absesne. But I dont recall Ice-CreaMusume taking this long to train before their debut. But look at how crap and easy their dance was. Maybe UFA are putting a lot more effort into Jang.

They may also be deciding what to do with her. Will she debut in Japan alone or also in Korea. What style of songs will she be putting out, techno, RnB, pop. What will her style be, cute, hot, indifferent, cool. Will she be a soloist or will she be put as part of a new unit, made up of other girls from H!P or UFA.

This point brings me to the end of my thinkings as I say what I would like to become of her.

As you may or may not know, I have began to listen to a lot of K-pop lately and so have grown a fondness for both japanese and Korean pop music. That said, I would not mind if she became a soloist. If her music was up to the standars of Girls' Generation then I will more than gladly follow and support her.
But what I really want, if it would be a good or bad thing I dont know, but I would love for UFA to put her into a unit as part of a Duo or Group.
Together with some select eggs they could make a great group. I would love to see Saho Akari, Sengoku Minami as well as possibly Kitahara Sayaka and Kikkawa Yuu. As we have seen in Aa, Akari would be great in a pop group that may have RnB type influences, the 2 girls from MilkyWay would be more suited to a more pure pop type but I think the group would be quite interesting to watch develop.
As for being in a duo, you have to have guessed who I would pair Jang up with. Yes of course Risa. I think it would be awesome for Jang and Risa, to debut as a Duo in both Japan and Korean, releasing both Japanese and Korean music. I can just imagine it, and it makes me a happy man.

ok so thats my kind of rant on this mysterious korean girl. Let me know what you think, I would love some feedback.


  1. Saghit says:
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  1. Saghit says:

    As I've noticed, this UF[letter] love to leave the winners behind and I'm not surprised if they're just gonna forget her, because of having no money on project for her. Still, maybe it's something happend to her and she just didn't want to go on with H!P? Who knows?
    I think, H!P will hide the truth until a lot of WOTA ask them about it, and even then they'll just lie something sounds like "She decides going on studying ..."

  1. Maiko says:

    well she has to learn a whole new language diffrent style culture and dance. This is like a completly diffrent world, just learning the language would take almost a year...... she'll probably end up only being in Korea and in japan only for the H!P concerts in which every one is there