Mar 16, 2010

10 My My My Me!!~

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Tomorrow [March 17th], Morning Musume will release their 10th Album, 10 My Me. Wow, their 10th album, thats pretty impressive, lets just hope that the music inside is as impressive as the achievement.

Before I go onto the music let mw just say a word or two on the cover. The cover above is the Limited edition and better of the 2 covers. Its a nice simple cover with the girls sitting, kneeling and standing together. The girls looks in the cover are hit and miss. e.g HIT = LinLin. Maaan she is totally hot right now, great outfit. MISS = Risa. Yes I have to admit it, Risa's outfit and hairstle are.....not good lets just say. She had good hair on utaban, and at that modelling thing where she had the hat but here it looks crap, sorry hunny bun. The way she is styled too makes her look a bit like a granny and thats not how I want my Risa, or any of my idols to look like..............

ok so onto the music. Here is a setlist for the album:

  1. Moonlight night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~
  2. Kimagure Princess
  3. Genki Pikappika!
  4. Namidacchi
  5. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
  6. Ookii Hitomi
  7. Ano Hi ni Modoritai
  8. Nanchatte Renai
  9. Osaka Oishiinen
  10. Loving you forever
  11. Shouganai Yume Oibito
  12. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? (Chinese ver.)
So lets just dive into this album and see what we find shall we?.... [Singles songs will be skipped as they were reviewd already]

Moonlight night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~

The 1st song of an album gives an indication of what the rest of the album is going to be like. Upon playing the track you are greeted by womans voice who speeks in english saying"Electric convulsive therapy part 1". Whaaaaaaa! A spoken entry to a song has not been done in H!P for a verrry llong time to my knowledge. I found very amusing and added a little quirkyness to the track. It remimded me of some of the songs by After school in which a person says in an electric voice "Play this sound". Once the intro has been made we figure out what it meant. This song is absolutly crazy!! and in a good way.

The song, ...well its actually really hard to describe. whatever it is, its a work of genius by Tsunku!! The main vocalists are Ai and Reina, with Eri and Risa taking minor vocals with plenty of parts divided into different groupings of the girls. The songs has pop mixed with some techno, and eerie sounds mixed together. Its a wonderful mess that works so very well. Its powerful and packs a great punch that gets you hooked into the album from the start. If Morning Musume's next singe was to be of this style, then I would be a very happy boy indeed.

Genki Pikappika!

The second original album track opens with a very energetic synthasizer start. The songs is like a more sweet version of Mikan, with more softer vocals but still keeping its energy. For most part the lines are sung by the girls which are split into pairs, well thought out pairs I might add as the girls compliment each oher voices. The main chorus is sung by the entire lot with some solo lines sung by the usual 4 [Ai, Risa, Reina, Eri]. After about 2/3 of the way through, we get a lovely voilin solo instrumental, then one of those clappy noises and it breaks into the genki'ness again. Its a very nice song, and thats not being said in a patronising way. Its really easy to listen to, and yet its energetic. You can't help but feel a bit sheery while listening to it. Great vocals from all.


For some reason whenever I hear the name of this song I always think of Beryyz Tomdachi wa Tomadachi nande, ya I'm weird like that.

The song starts off with a piano solo giving the impression that we have hit the slow songs. WRONG!!! mwahahahaha. well kinda. After the piano and nice lines from duo's of girls the song bursts into guitar and drum beats into what sounds like a buono song. Its flippen mental. If you had turned the volume up for the slow part then you could have just defeaned yourself when the rock part kicks in. OH MY GOD IN HEAVEN. half way through the song we get into a great rap part led by Gaki in a way not unlike how do you like this japan. Its a great suprise to the song, capped off with Gaki saying something in a semi agressive voice eventually shouting something in japanese that I dont understand but I still love it caus its Gaki. The song goes back into the rock style before going slow into the .....slow part. This here is another fantastic song, it could be a single all on its own, in fact this and the other should be, wtf Tsunku, don't keep your best stuff for the albums.

Ooki Hitomi

This is the 1st generation song on the album. Its sung by 6th generation members Eri, Sayumi and Reina. This song is more along the styles of High-King with a bit of extra tehcno in the form of voice altering. I love high-king so this style of song pleases me :D I also am a big fan of techno so it suits me down to the ground. Its like Kioku no Meiro part II with added Sayu electro voice, which seems the easiest way to describe the song. I am growing to like Reina more and more so her singing doesn't drive me insane anymore and Eri packs a punch when she wants to, and she does in parts of the song. I like Sayu's altered voice and someimes dont like. Maybe they should have used it more sparingly or maybe used it more along the lines of KAT-TUN's THE D-MOTION. The chorus, has great synth beats and with great vocals from Eri and Reina and sweet back-ups from Sayu, this song adds another noth to the belt that is awesome songs on this album.

Ano Hi ni Modoritai

This is the 5th Gen song and being the 2 powerhouse singers they are, they sing a ballad. Its not a slow typical ballad though, its got some kick to it. Both sound great, and of course its great to hear gaki's sultry voice shine in this type of song. As anyone will know, I am a genki song lover, but I do like this son, but not as much as some of the others. The fact that Gaki is in it makes me like it already. It doesn't seem like a ballad that MM would put out maybe something from one of the graduated groups. I really like the way the gils say "Watashi" in this song. This will be one ballad I will listen to more than once.

Osaka Oihiinen

This is the 8th Gen, and following suit from Platinum 9 Disc, JunJun and LinLin get put into the novelty song. Thats fine for aika and JunJun, but LinLin is such a great singer, she deserves something more substantial than this. I dont know what to make of this song, it just doesn't match the level of greatness that the other songs delivered. I know it has a different style but it feels like a random sng they covered from a mini moni album.

Loving you forever

This is the groups ballad of the album. Um...not much to say really. A nice uplifting ballad...wait just got hit with Gaki then Lin back to back vocals.....I'm happy :D Its probably the only true group song where everyone gets to sing so I'm glad its on the album.

Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? (Chinese ver.)

I wasn't sure how I felt about this being on the album. We have already heard the song many times. sure we'll give it a lash. ...The song opens with a very nice accoustic guitar intro whch leads to the usual instrumental with singing done by JunJun and LinLin. This is a pretty big deal isn't it, MM releasing a song in another language besides Japanese. I for one really like it. About time the panda's got their own song. And like all other versions we get the kickass solo line by LinLin at the end. Nice way to end an album.


Overall its a really fantastic album, and this fun side is hopefully a sign of what MM will be releasing in future. The songs are laid out in a good way in which we get really crazy stuff 1st, then not so crazy, then slower stuff antil we hit balads for a nice fisnish. Its a really great album with great instrumentals and vocals. Beats their last one in my view anyway. I give it a 4.5 out of 5. Trully epic!


  1. you have the album already!?

  1. Liamers says:

    well I downloaded it until I get my own copy. here I uploaded it too