Jun 1, 2009

Gaki picspam

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Ok so I just realised that I havent had an entire Gaki entry in ages, but then again not much is happening fer her solo wise, so i decided to post pics of Risa because there are some insanely amazing photo's of her out there at the moment

So these are the Gaki goes to college set. She looked amazing in the PV and that doesn't change here. She is absolutly stunning but the 3rd pic on the right blew me away. It shows a mix of sexyness, maturity and fragility AND I WANT IT!!

And these are the Shouganai Yumeoibito set. These outfits are friggen gorgeous, they are elegant around the torso and super sexy around the legs with that skirt/pants thing. These dont really need any explaination, her poses are perfect, cute smile, and awesome hair.

And here we have the Gaki summer set. Yellow really suits her doesn't it? I have been totally in love with these pics ever since they came out, why dont they make individual poster of the members anymore and have them looking like these pics, I would buy so many. I have to say her hair has been foooking awesome these last few months, only going wrong in the clips for the 3.2.1 Breakin' Out OPV competition clips.

ok so in conclusion, Gaki looks awesome as ever and she rules my world