Jul 7, 2009

It was announced a while ago that the current H!P line-up would be coming together to create a new album full of cover songs. The reason I hadn't said anything before was because not much was known about it but now that more info has been released I decided to write something.

When it was announced people had mixed feelings of both joy that the project was coming together to create a new album as well as aprehension that all the somgs will be covers.

It all started off when it was announced that the album was to be released. That was it. No one had any idea what was going. Then it was announced that MiniMoni was to be revived. WHAT!!!

This brought more discussion, more like argueing between hardcore original MiniMoni wotas and the more open minded fans. It was then announced that MiniMoni would have a song on the new cover album. After that 2 members were announced that would join the new MiniMoni, they were LinLin of Morning Musume and Fukuda Kanon of S/mileage. After a bit of a lull in info it was also announced that PucchiMoni and Tanpopo would also be revived. This again sparked heated discussions.

So after a while the tracklist was released. I had no clue who any of the origianl acts were besides sweets but I had never listened to them I only knew them by name.

so I just waited until I saw who was going to sing what. Thats when I got excited:

1.DIAMONDS <ダイアモンド>
/High-King(Takahashi Ai・Tanaka Reina・Shimizu Saki・Yajima Maimi・Maeda Yuuka)

/℃-ute・Mano Erina

/Aa! (Natsuyaki Miyabi ・ Suzuki Airi ・Saho Akari)

/New Mini Moni (LinLin・Fukuda Kanon・Takeuchi Akari・Miyamoto Karin)

/Pucchi Moni V (Nakajima Saki ・Hagiwara Mai ・Mano Erina)

/Tanaka Reina (Morning Musume)

/Niigaki Risa・Kamei Eri (Morning Musume)

/Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume)

/ZYX alpha (Niigaki Risa ・Kusumi Koharu・Tsugunaga Momoko・Tokunaga Chinami・Sudo Maasa・Umeda Erika・Wada Ayaka・Ogawa Saki)

/続・V-u-den (Michishige Sayumi・JunJun・Sugaya Risako)

/Tanpopo#(Kamei Eri・Mitsui Aika・Kumai Yurina・Okai Chisato)

12.for you・・・
/LinLin (Morning Musume)

/Berryz Kobo・Mano Erina

/Michishige Sayumi ・Kusumi Koharu・Mitsui Aika・JunJun (Morning Musume)

As you can see, ZYX as well as Biyuuden were also resurected but Aa [minus reina plus an egg] and High king are making a return.

Ok so here is what I think of each line-up:

1. High-King - I loved this group when they were formed so I am hoping something great from them.

2. C-ute plus Erina - I dont like mano so I am hoping for airi plus chisato but I know I am gonna get mano shoved down my throat

3. Aa - I absolutly loved "first kiss" by the original group so I was kinda annoyed like nearly all Aa and Reina fans to find out she is no longer in the group. Instead we get this egg that I call "Mini Yurina" as she kinda looked and sounded like Kumai. Still looking foward to this though as I like all three girls.

4.MiniMoni - Awwwwww lookat 'em. Aint they so cute. New mini moni comprises of awesome linlin, the Aibon looklike and 2 eggs that I dont know. I like Kanon and LinLins voices so hopefully the group will work. By the looks of it they will be going back to their original cute image...god I hope so.

5.PucchiMoni - Here is where I become aprehensive. Saki and Mai sounded great together in disco queen, but lately Mai's voice hasn't been sitting too well with me. Saki should be good though, she is energetic and a great dancer. Mano ah god why! This was originally a genki group which is why I understand mai and saki being in the group, but boring piano girl here, od she bores be to death. Maybe she is a good singer I dont really know.... I am on the fence with this one....btw whats the 'V' about?

6. Tanak Reina - I expected this. meh I just hope its not her usual nasal tone

7. Niigaki Risa + Kamei Eri - Squueeeeeeeeeee!!! I have wanted a GakiKame Duo for sooo long. I am so glad that we finally get one. Sooo happy. woot.

8. Takahashi ai - as if this wasn't going to happen. She'll sound great as usual. Next

9.ZYX alpha - Originally when I found out that Gaki was going to be in XYX, I was 2 minds over it. One the one hand I was really happy that she was put into a new group. On the other I hated the style of the girls in the original group, those street rapper style clothes...yuck! But when I put pics of all the girls together like this I was pretty happy with all the girls in the group. Koha, growing to like her, very Genki. Gaki HELL YA. Momo, love her. Chinami in my top 3 fave kids. Maasa, really funny. Erika, good singer nice to see her get a chance. Wada, she's good I suppose. Saki, love her, one of my fave eggs. I look forward to see what they come out with.

10.V-U-DEN - I liked the old group. I like sayu and junjun, risako is ok but if they go for their old sexy image I will feel a bit weird risako being 14 or something. Looking forward tho this though.

11.Tanpopo # - Eri, Yurina, Chisato.....FOOOOOK YEAH!!! aika ...hmm can't get everything right I suppose. I had wanted Gaki to be put back into Tanpopo but seeing this line-up makes me happy too. Eri, my 2nd fave current MM meber, Yurina, my fave Berryz member, Chisato, my 2nd fave C-ute member makes this group very pleasing to me. I really look forward to their release. Oh and the # symbol has something to do with the kanji that looks like that is in each of the girls names.

12. LinLin solo - BOOOH YERAH. Cant wit for this. Her azora solo in the P9D concert was amazing. Nice to see her get some much deserved attention

13. Berryz plus mano - Love berryz... gah I have had enough of mano and I havent even heard the album yet.

14. Michishige Sayumi ・Kusumi Koharu・Mitsui Aika・JunJun - I really dont know whats going on here. 3 worst singers in MM plus JunJun. I really have no idea what.... next

overall, I am really looking forward to this. Will do a review when it comes out so please stay tuned


  1. usws says:

    Nooo.. Kamei will steal Risa-sama from the rest of us!

    Wow, she really does look like Aibon.