Apr 16, 2009

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hey, sorry to all the lovely people who read Mayuge Madness, I havent posted in ages, I was on a fieldtrip away studying rocks, then I went to Rome on a holiday. So this is a medley post of sorts, I am gonna post about a lot of the stuff I missed out on if any of ye are still interested. I wont be posting about everything, just some of the main stuff that interests me the most.

ok so I am gonna start off with the newest, er um news?

Morning Musume's new single has a preview out now!!

The song is called "Shouganai Yumeoibito" which roughly translates to something like "Never stop chasing dreams" or something like that. Now when the title was releasedI like so many other guessed as to what the song would sound like and with the title we had a pic of the cover of the cd.

My 1st impression was similiar to a lot of other people, which was "OMFG THE GIRLS LOOK AMAZING!!!" So from the way the girls were dressed and the title of the single, I had a strong feeling that the song was oing to be a ballad, we havent heard one of them since Aruiteru. I thought it would be the sort of ballad we might have heard from Morning Musume Tanjou 10nen Kinentai, and its not too far off it. Its not a slow ballad, its got some elctric guitar, nice beats and a nice overall upbeat ballad sound. The girls sound awesome, needless to say Gaki's line made me melt when I 1st heard it and I genuinly think its one of the best lines on the preview, but I love the overall song so I'm happy. I eagerly await the full version and PV. I pray though that the H!P that has formed will put some more imagination into the PV.


Buono's new single is coming out soon and we have been given a 30 sec pv preview.

The song called "Moy Boy" is the ending song for the Shugo Chara anime and it is foooking awesome.

Its the grungiest I have ever heard them, but its such an awesomly cool song. The pv is awesome, the girls have some hawt moves while wearing neon clothes. The story of the pv is about the 3 girls trying to use stealthy spy moves to try and get through this mansion building to get to a guarded cheesecake in the shape of the heart. Its a funny pv and its quite good with some funny momo bits, its so good it gives me hope for MM's new single *crosses fingers*

here is some pic spam of the girls from the sing.

A few days ago, C-utes 8th major sing "Bye Bye Bye" was released. I am still a bit iffyabout the song, I dunno C-utes newer songs are kind of lacking in that grab factor. The song is ok but the one thing that blew me away was in the pv Chisato looks so different, so much more grown up and finally she looks girly, for so long they had her hair short, tied up/back, gelled and it wasn't very flattering. But now she looks great, she actually outshines Airi in this pv, and I LOVE Airi!. Not much to say about this really, an ok song, Chisato steals the show and sounds amazing, but there is one part of the pv I love, and that the finger point dance part, I laugh every time I see it. Anyway if you haven't seen or heard it yet, judge for yourself.

another new release:

Berryz Koubou are releasing their 20th single soon and is the ending for another anime.

To me the starting and ending of the preview sound a lot like C-utes Bye Bye Bye. I'm not feeling this song to be honest, it is an anime song rather than a song you would go out and buy. A lot of Risako in this too and I amn't the biggest fan of her voice. Its a shame because I love Dakishimete Dakishimete so much, this lets me down.

ok so onto a little something different. H!P have a new unit, its called Guardian 4 and they will be releasing their 1st aingle "Omakase! Guardian!" on 27th of May. This is the opening song to the same anime Buono are doing the ending for. The group, made up of Kumai Yurina (love her!), Mitsui Aika, Sugaya Risako and Nakajima Saki.

The group will probaby be a mitsui and Riasko show. Risako because she is one of the most popular of the H!P kids and mitsui because she is in MM. The song is nice and energetic and its a nice change from some of the heavier stuff. The outfits are really cute too.

I really like the part from 0:47 - the ending, it makes me wanna dance around like an idiot with my arms flailing about.

Anyway thats my lot for today, again, sorry about the long wait, hopefully that wont happen again, but just as a note, my Uni exams start in may


  1. Julia says:

    Long entry is long! Haha. I hadn't heard about that new Berryz song, so thanks for sharing it! Bus Guide, huh? Now H!P is even reusing its own song titles? (I can never forget Mini Moni Bus Guide. What a song.)

  1. Liamers says:

    ya I thought it was very similiar to Mini Moni's title, but maybe it has something to do with the animé, I really dont know what it involves so maybe the bus guide is an "in" thing that only people who watch the anime will know? Or if you speak japanese then you will probably know XD