Apr 20, 2009

well as if the pic didn't speak for itself, I will explain a little.

I started H!B after doing some fan dubbing myself and then a group of us over at musume-central did some group dubs. I found it pretty fun and thought that I would like to do it more often. So I set up a forum and roped my friends from musume-central, Aibonono, cheekychill [of JKC Revolution], EtherealMotives and our very own Dran [of Berryz Kyuuden]. Togther with myself are the 1st generation. We are going to debut with Ai no tane and will hopefully continue to grow and dub till the cows come home. If you are interested in joining a dub group, be you a guy or girl, then why not join us and get in at the ground floor, well 1st floor seeing as you will be the 2nd gen.

To join either go to the forum at http://hellobaka.proboards.com/index.cgi and post your audition or else go to the recruitment vid on youtube and post a video response of you singing a full H!P song, or you can pm me the link to a downloadable mp3.

good luck to all who auditon.