Mar 4, 2009

Musume Love ~ My rankings

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so this post is kind of to break my lack of posts recently and also to spam about the girls, so here goes my rankings of the 9 girls.

#1: Niigaki Risa

So ye probably new this was coming no suprises there. I just love this girl, she is everything you would want in an idol, a great singer, awesome personality, funny, good looking, good dancer and an all round entertainer. She caught my attention when on music fighter promoting osaka koi no uta which was also ishikawa's grad special and her talk on the buildings had the exact same effect on me as it did on miki, yup I laughed till tears streamed down my face. So since then she has been my favourite member no member coming close to how much I love her :)

#2: Kamei Eri

So the reason why I like Eri is a lot like the reasons I like why I like Risa. Eri is a good singer (except for when she does her quavering sheep impressions) and insanely funny, when her and Risa get together one or both of the girls cracks up usually ending with me laughing too. She is weird and I absolutly love that about her, she isn't afraid to act goofy.

#3: Takahashi Ai & Michishige Sayum

Ya this was a hard one to call ad in the end I decided to have a joint 3rd place. On one hand we have Ai, an amazing!! singer, passionate, endeering person. And on the other we have Sayu, a weak singer but has a great personality, quite funny but can get carried away sometimes with the whole cute thing. They kind of balance each other out, Ai the singer & Sayu ther ersonality, ying and yang / hot and cute...same thing

#5: Tanaka Reina & JunJun

Ya another tie. To tell ye the truth I wasn't expecting this either but here we are. Well I suppose they are kind of similiar except for the popularity and line distribution. But to me they both have their moments where they make me laugh. I hated Reina for ages and I didn't really know why. I think it was because she got loads of lines and was always promoted over many others and was the centre for a long time. I dont particularly love her but she does have her moments as I said. JunJun to me is more loveable, she is emotional weirdly funny and not bad a singer. She was deadly funny in the making of for pepper keibu but she doesn't really do much to give much impact. I see the potential in her and I like her but she needs to command the attention more.

#7: LinLin

LinLin is in the same boat as JunJun same qualities. But LinLin sometimes goes a bit overboard in trying to be funny and sometimes it annoyes me. No point in me repeating or copy and pasting what I said about JunJun into here too.

#8: Kusumi Koharu

Absolutly terrible singer, screechy almost tone deaf girl. But she did the same as Sayu, she got a personality and that is one of a spazzy, hyper girl. It is this fact alone that keeps her from the bottom of my rankings, she actually makes me smile and laugh sometimes.

#9: Mitsui Aika

This result for me was as predictable as Risa being #1. I just dont like aika. She started off in MM being just an ok singer and from ther she got steadily worse. In concerts she sounds even worse (I know I couldn't dance for 5 minutes and then sing a song perfectly afterwards either.) I dunno just nothing about her appeals to me, plus you'd swear she was glued to ai-chan the way she was around her in alo hello 3. She gets in the way of all the takagaki moments, if she did that to eri too I would go insane. Plus sometimes to me her smiles seem really fake.

So there it is my favourite to least favourite girl in the current line-up. It will be interesting to see how my opinions have changed in a years time, hoping that some havent graduated


  1. Rad says:

    Risa has long been my No. 1.

  1. I'm with you on Aika! O__O She gets on my nerves. I mean, she's okay, but out of all the girls, she's definitely my least favorite.

  1. Liamers says:

    ya a lot of people I know either love her or hate her :/

  1. Dran says:

    You picked a terrible Risa pic to use there. It's one of the hideous H!P pics that somehow manage to sneak through the selection process and make it to our hands.

    The trouble is the airbrushing. I don't have a problem with airbrushing, and in fact I like my H!P pics to be a little enhanced, but sometimes they go a bit crazy and end up making them look unhuman. Look at her face! She looks like she's the victim of an art student who loves exxagerated colours.