Feb 13, 2009

Yup berryz have a new single coming out soon and I am here to tell you why its awesome!! Oh before I start, the pv part of this review is mainly eyecandy, plus the girls move so fast and the camera changes so much its hard to cap.

so pv part:

there are 3 main parts to this pv, sexy close ups, great dancing and random bits.

sexy close up bits...... main part of the pv review, mainly because I think the girls look awesome.

Risako, main singer...but she is in my opinion the least good looking in this pv. just doesn't do anything for me.

Saki went back to her high king days and is pimping again. I love saki's hair in this vid. Tne hat is a bit mank though.

I love momo, she's awesome, but in this vid, they didn't seem to do much with her.

Maasa looks great with her hair to the side. do it more often love.

Oh my darling Yuri, doesn't she look amazing. never seen her with curly hair before and it suits her quite well.

Miyabi's hat is friggen sekushy and with the new do, she looks amazing.

CHINAMI owns all in this pv, she looms friggen fantastic and is the only one who's whole outfit I like. She looks so sophisticated!


at the start, before all of the crazy dancing we see them in the dark doing the 'hands swiping over the eyes' move.

"Put your hands up for detro...um tokyo" this is actually part of a dance move where the girls puch the air. Ads a nice touch of power to the pv.

Then comes the "boob bounce thing" move...which risako seems to love, and keeps doing until..

...she starts to get chest pains. seriously though she is quite good at it and it fits in well with the song.

After all the 'pumping' they get tired and give themselves a hug for all the hard work.


After the dark hand in front of face dance move, a disco ball pops up with the girls faces on it, which then jump off it and into your face. 'do you think it was an accident that momo,miya and risako got the big spaces'

The other random bits were these things. every so often one of the girls would put up in front of some trippy backdrop and multiply while doing a weird dance moove. It REALLY doesn't fir the song.


Sexy yuri bit. If you dont like the pv/song at least watch it for this bit, its the best bit in the whole pv, that and chi's close ups.



simple put..its great, a great techno/dance style song. great beat. ok I really need to go now, my brain has stopped working and I cant type anymore. This post turned out a lot worse than I thought it would haha!!


  1. Dran says:

    I agree. Yurina looked simply awesome in this PV. Even Maasa had trouble competing with Yurina there. At first I didn't really like the song, with the disco track and the annoying DJ PV theme...

    After half a dozen watches. I've come to love the PV. I think I'll buy the single. Actually I WILL. I've come too far to stop buying Berryz now! XD

  1. Liamers says:

    I am thinking of buying it too