Jan 29, 2009

Akogare MY STAR ~ C-utes 4th album

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on the 28th of this month, C-ute released their 4th album. the following are my thoughts on the songs themselves, then my overall impression of the album. Please enjoy it ^^.

Aishiteru Aishiteru (Kanna & Saki): Opening reminds me of Ame no furanai hoshi de waaisenai darou. I really liked the girls opening lines, especially Kanna's little interjections. This a nice cute song, omg omg who is that.... the solo lines delivered by Kanna were amazing, the best I have heard her in a long time. I have really started to appreciate Saki's voice more after Disco queen. So far this album is off to an awesome start.

Akogare My STAR: Not a big fan of the opening, reminds me too much of Natsu lipstick. "Bye Bye!" love that line delivered by Mai & Saki. Ya not really liking the tempo, or overall sound of the song. A bad choice of song to name the album after.

Big dreams: up until the chorus there aint much that grabs my attention enough to say anything about it. Its a nice song though, just not enough impact.

Edo no Temari Uta II: I quite like this song. It was the 1st proper single with even line distribution. Insanely short song at under 2 and a half mins. Brilliant lines delivered by Okai and Erika as well as Airi.

Namida no Iro: oooh salsa, opens with a promising sound. "GO JOE" lol sorry. Sexy song, but Maimi's voice really doesn't fit the song. Chorus could have a little more kick but its ok. Outfits from this song were amazing, well for Airi and Maimi anyway.

One's LIFE (Umeda, Okai, Hagiwara): Okai and Erika are good singer so hoping for good things. I knew they would do it......give mai all the solo's. Um aint Okai way better than her, vocally. I dont get it. The wrapping is weird, doesn't really fit the song. The solo is quite nice, but I can only listen to so much of mai's nasally solo's (yes I did say I loved disco queen).

Seishun Song (Maimi): Opening....awesome. I dont think Maimi's voice is the best, but I loved that opening. This song doesn't really have a lot of range which is good as Maimi isn't great at range transitions. Loving the beat, easily my favourite song of the album, which is weird as Maimi is one of my least favourite members of the group.

SHINES: The start kinda sounds like a football song. Good vocals & beat, it would be good for a rakuten eagles song. Hard to say whether the song is an upbeat song or a ballad...maybe an upbeat ballad :/

Yakusoku wa tokuni shinai wa: aw sweet vocals at the start. Man this albumm is stuffed with mai aint it. Yay Airi, it feels like I have hardly heard her in this album all day. Ya no major changes throughout the song, but it is a good ballad, really nice.

Yes! All my family (Suzuki Airi): Thank god she got a solo song, I was getting really worried as there was very little airiness in the other group songs. Her voice is awesome so before I started the song I knew she would sound great...and she does. Its a nice upbeat song with some electric guitar in there = win. Its lovely when she sings "Yes! All my family" kyaa. Overall a great song.

OVERALL: I dunno, this is tough, as you can see I used a lot of "nice" throughout, no awesomes or holy craps. The songs weren't very energetic, they were ...well nice. Winning song for me has to be Seishun song. Maybe C-ute are going for a more mature type of sound. I personally prefer genki songs, but these songs were good and are lovely to listen to. I give it a 3.2/5 lol