Jan 2, 2009

Kamo! Kamo! Kamo! Kamo!

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Over the last while the name of Morning Musume 38th single has been released as, "Nai Chau Kamo" or in english, "I might cry" and not only that but a rip has been made of it....and here it is

well at first it didn;t really grab me, but since then it has been on repeat lol. So this song is another ai/reina fest, but sometimes that isn't all bad as ai does sound amazing, and its not like Resonant Blue wher only those 2 and koharu got solo line, here we hear Ai, Reina, Risa, Eri and Sayu which is a big improvment seeing as Reina was the only one to get solo lines in pepper keibu.

though one fault is that it isn't as catchy as PK which i would get stuck in my head lots of times, this one doesn't have that factor, but it is a good song and has a nice beat to it. My favourite bits would be where sayu is singing, there is a haunting echoing voice accompanying her, also the ai/risa and risa solo lines are killers. Eri again sounds amazing.

I am a bit dissapointed that you cant hear the panda's very distinctly, but I am happy that I dont hear koha/aika, I dont like their voices.

This is a hard one to call on sales wise, so I wont bother trying to guess how well it will do.

Will I buy this, possibly, I am waiting for covers and pv's yet though.

but we do have one tiny clue:

This picture is said to be a pic of the girls as a promo pic, that aint supposed to be seen by the public yet.

Aika, sayu, reina and ai at the front. For gods sake UFA put the sub leader st the front for once, like hat the hell is aika doing there, she is hardly as popular as risa and has less lines than her in the song. Maybe risa will be in the front on the single cover.

But 2 worries, what is on Eri's head and is Gaki's hair done like they had for ambitious *cringes*