Jan 15, 2009

Co No Mi Cheap!

Posted by Liamers At 12:41 AM 3 comments

ok so for my 1st Buono post I am going to discuss their new single Co.No.Mi.Chi and will split the post in 2 sections, the song, and the pv.


The starting is so nice with all 3 of the girls singing, and then we hear drums like their other singles but the..momo starts to sing and the tempo of the song slows down a bit and sounds a bit weird. Its almost like its being subdued. The only semblence of the real Buone we love is at the chorus, and even then it doesn't pack much of an impact.

Then half way through the song there is a music interlude or whatever you call it (where the girls are not singing but just music) , but its not like Gachink de ikou or Rottara Rottara where it is actually worth having there. Its quite bland to say the least. Then the girls come in with their few word solos and the chorus (which is the best bit btw) comes up again.

Now I like the song, dont get me wrong...but thats the problem, I only like it. When Gachinko and Rottara were out I was addicted to them and they are still on my playlist of songs that I love to listen to, but this one for a better word is forgetable. For me the b-side of Rottara "My Love" was a far better song than this.

Ok I suppose they weren't going with the harder guitar bits in this song, maybe it was supposed to be a softer song, but having quiter drum and elec guitar music in the background only makes it seem like they tried to make it something that it surely aint.

Girls sound awesome as usual, but not the best from Buono I am sorry to say.

I will probably grow to like it more but now its a soso song for me


Now there are 2 parts to this pv, 1) a nice sinple set of the girls in a white area with a road, and the girls wearing kickass outfits, and the 2nd....them fake walking in front of a green screen which has been replaced by HORRIBLE graphics of them being in different places.

First we see the girls singing those lovely opening lines.

Then....HOLY GOD...we see the dreaded green screen work....Airi looks awesome though :D

Then we get the close ups....Airi...ooh I love her

Momo...always a delight

Miyabi with her new hair....lookin good...oh yea and this part of the pv is fine.

Then we are pulled back into that god aweful walking scene again. except this time we are going on a world tour. ...this really annoyed me, a REALLY crap gazelle thing just floated accross the screen...it was cinge worthy ....plus the animals arent to scale geesh :P

Then we zoom to antartica to see the girls pretend to be looking down at little digital penguins.

Then finally we are brought back to the road for some nice dance shots....god why couldn't it have just been a dance shot, it would have been better than that digital crap.

But oh no here we are again, and I noticed something. Its the ecaxt same thing except different outfits and screen. Zoom Airi, zoom, momo, zoom miya, zoom out, all 3 walk...its so repetative.

It goes on like this through the hole thing.... girls dancing in cool white outits, crappy digital screen, dance, digital, oh a close up, dance, screen. Its really annoying. one of the worst pv's I have seen in a very long time, well for the digital part anyway.


  1. Dran says:

    Regarding the PV, I couldn't disagree more. I loved that scene with them walking on a "World Tour". Calling it "cheap" may be true, but the majority of bloggers seem to cite low-budget as reasons why every new PV that comes along is so disappointing, it's become clichéd and meaningless. Budgets and flashy effects aren't everything. Admitadly I do prefer the song and PV for Gachinkou de Ikou! but this one is still pretty good.

  1. Liamers says:

    well budget doesn't matter, but decideing to put those horrible graphics in instead of something else or nothing else at all was a really bad decision imho. Buono is one of the main groups making money for UFA and there might be more money set aside for them than say C-ute or Berryz, but maydayade had a good pv, as did C-ute and MM's naichau kamo previews are very promising, so money matters shouldn't matter that much of they are creative enough. I am simply saying that the graphics are really bad, worse that MM's ambitious and that putting it in the pv was a bad decidion.

  1. Azu says:

    lol....co no mi cheap...i couldn't disagree more :P