Nov 16, 2008

YAY~!!!!! so Mayuge Madness has today the 16 of November 2008 recieved its official 1000th visit, and I just wanted to say thanks to all of ye who helped me get it this far. Some special mentions for my followers, ye guys are great. International Wota for featuring my blog 3 or 4 times. Lolli for giving me lolz and for kinda being my rival which helped my keep up and posting with the site. And Dran for helping me start up and helped my do the html stuffs like that. As well as others like shwee, and the rest of my commenters, or comentators no wait I was write the first time....or was I???

So where to go from here....Well it appears the format has being doing well so far so the standard can only go up. But if people think that could use or lose something please let me know.

And lets not forget Risa, the topic of this blog, without whome I would be bored and less entertained. xxx


  1. Anonymous says:

    Spell check!
    Sorry :P but there was a few errors there ;)
    You know probably about 500 of those visits are me...I check it a few times a day...I don't know why I guess I just get bored... ^^;

    But Yay for Liams!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the shout out *thumbs up* I don't really want to be your rival, but if that pressurises you to post more, then I'm happy with that ^_^

    Congrats on 1000 views *high five*. You are way ahead of me...I think...dammit!

  1. Liamers says:

    Shwee: Quiet you...¬.¬ your nearly as bad as mimi XD...but thankies for all the visits, and by bored you mean you wanna check out my awesome site ne?

    Lolli: We can be friendly rivals....most of the time *evil laugh*
    But anyway I think our posts are way funnier than mine.
    But yea *High Fives and then sneakes off to see what she has written in her love lunch*

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not at all!!!

    I'll take being friendly rivals. A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone.

    No new posts from me :(
    I have a few that I'm writing, but they won't be done for a while :P

  1. Liamers says:

    I look forward to them, I think the last few made me cry I laughed so hard