May 20, 2010

Lee Jung Hyun returns with a new album

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Yes!! My favourite Korean techno pop wizard is back with a new album and a smokin hot new look.

Lee Jung Hyun has burst onto the music scene this may with the release of her 7th album entitled "LEE JUNG HYUN 007TH". It was released on the 11th and contains 12 tracks, 6 of which were already released on her 2nd Mini-Album "Avaholic"...........

  1. 007th (Intro)
  2. Susanghan Namja (수상한 남자; Suspicious Man)
  3. Eenie Meenie Minie Moe (이니미니마니모)
  4. Vogue Girl (It Girl)
  5. Wae Irae (왜 이래; Come On)
  6. Yeon (연 (緣); Open)
  7. CRAZY
  8. Avatar
  9. Neon Naekkeo (넌 내꺼; You're Mine)
  10. 2Night
  11. Miro I
  12. Miro II
Now I had no idea that a new album was in the works so imagine my suprise when not only a new album was released by the time I found out, but a new PV too. I nearly fanboy squee'd. Now before I go into reviewing the songs, let us have a look t this raunchy new pv of the lead track 'Suspicious man'. Its a bit raunchy so viewer discretion advised.

Now if you have never heard of her, arent you glad you came here today :D
I told myself I wouldn't cap this, but how can I not. weeee

Eeww creepy face quick shot it!

Oh thank god!
Aaahh even creepier face

mmm thats better

 I just thought this was hot...

Can't think of a caption but its hot

Getting down and dirty in some pipe

D d d d d d d d doncha want it

This is very relavent to my interests [quoted from shirow]


Ooooh a new miss hotness

Lee pwns Reina at winking

Why hello there sexy woman dressed as a man

Yes, all who don't listen to your music ARE losers Lee :P

Now lets move onto the music itself.

007th (Intro) - This basically the audio from the pv of her walking in the rain and shooting creepy faced guy

Suspicious Man - I freaking love this song. Its a modern throwback to her original songs which were heavily techno/trance based, but nowadays as pop sells more, she releases more pop influenced techno. Some of her previous albums had left her techno rotts too much but this song really is what LJH is. This song as the opner on the album is perfect as its energetic and very ctachy which imediatley catches your attention. She uses a mix of her original singing, some slight techno effect and a radio effect which helps give the song more impact. After about 2 listens of this song I was repeating the d d d d d parts which makes it so catchy. The "Lie" word which is entered between lines of the part of the song near the chorus is also pretty cool and the fans seem to like shouting that part at her while she is performing live. Definitely my favourite song of the album and of my all time favourites of hers along with "Wa" & "Bakkwo".

Eenie Meenie Minie Moe - This is a quirky song. By LJH terms its not a very fast song but its not a ballad either. Its sung in a cute way but also has that synth track playing behind it. Another song I like, kinda helps ya wind down after "Suspicious man".

Vogue Girl (It Girl) - This was the lead track from her last mini-album "Avaholic". Its got the same kinda speed of "EMMM" but its sang in a more angry way [a characteristic of a lot of her songs]. Its got a similiar t t t t part like "Suspicious man" its not as catchy and has less impact. The chorus is great though.

Come on - As its techno pop its much harder to describe.2:30 mins in and I still can't find a way to describe it XD

Open - Here we have a ballad sang without voice alteration and a more natural instrumental sound. Its a really nice and soothing song. People might mistakenly think she isn't as good a singer that she is as her original stuff was sang in a more angry tone and involved shouting. This of course is wrong as can be heard here. Oooh very nice quitar & piano solos in this song. Usually I don't like slow songs, but as LJH has such a great voice I can easily listen to this without feeling bored.

CRAZY - This is the song where you can hear where she sings like she used to in the early days. I'm not mad about the "crazy ugh, crazy song, crazy" parts... haha not mad about crazy...get it?! Ya not a bad song at all, though that crazy ugh bit in parts kinda ruins it.

AVAtar - From what I saw on LJH's Last.Fm page, a lot of people seemed to like this song. Again I can't describe it sorry ^^;

You're Mine - "HOT NEW SHIT" haha! hmm I am indifferent about this song, it doesn't really do anything for me.

2Night - Nah I don't really like this song.

Miro I - This is a 1 min instrumental of a music box. Very soothing ideed.

Miro II - This song always makes me smile just because the start and throughout the song contains words that sound very funny. Its a nice uplifting ballad type song with an instrumental based around accordians. If you couldn't tell its a full song based around the tune we heard in "Miro I". Very nice song to end the album on as its got a happy lullaby type feel filled with funny sounding words that make you smile as the album sadly ends.

Overall - Overall I freaken love this album. Yes I heard half of the songs before when avaholic was released but man, just listening to 'suspicious man' alone makes up for that fact. If you have listened to her before or have just listened to this album, what do you think? If you havent listened to LJH yet I strongly suggest you do especially my 3 favourite songs: 'Wa', 'Bakkwo' & 'Suspicious Man'

The album can be downloaded HERE


  1. Anonymous says:

    can u like post some of her old albums? i can't find the japanese albums anywhere. ^^

  1. Liamers says:

    well I don't have any uploaded myself but I got mine from here