Nov 2, 2009

*Drinks a gallon of coffee to stay awake*

who would have thunk it that I would review mano stuff. Well here we are.

Mano Erina is releasing her 5ht single LOVE&PEACE=Paradise on the 25th of November. The odd thing is that her pv is only out now, usually her pv's are out about 2 months before the release date.

anyway here is the vid before I go on.

Now before you read on just be warned that I amn't the biggest mano fan, so if you worship everything she does then you will probably disagree with me but things are meant to have 2 sides to them so here we go.

Now this single, like
Sekai wa Summer Party is one of Mano's more up tempo songs. This song however is way more reliant on synthasized sounds rather than the keyboard/piano tones that were in summer party. ok as I dont really pay that much attention to the girl, to me she sounds the same in every single, so I can't fault her on not sounding great. She is a good singer and works best at singing slow to mid tempo songs. Also in another song....was it lalalala sososo, as in this she does a lot of la la la's du du du's halfway through the chorus, it it a trademark mano thing along with her piano, fringe and prominant front tooth smile. The song aint bad, Mano fans will probably love it no matter what. But her music just isn't my style, she is sweet enough to rot your teeth and the music just is a bit boring for me.

onto the pv. The pv has basically got a rotating system of shots: Close up [DONT FORGET TO SMILE], Hand dancing [DONT FORGET TO SMILE], piano playing [WHILE SMILING], Weird glowing wings following her[While smiling], swing shot [you get it..]

The pv starts off with her hand dancing with S/mileage behind. [their shoes are cool] & why is everything all pixilated

PaPaPa RaRaPiPu LuLuLuLu URuNa (This cap makes me LOL XD)

obligratory smiling close up. WTF are those on her head

Wait! You want me to NOT smile???

I wonder what thats like

Piano shot. is there even any real piano music in this song?

Kanon & Wada get a shot

As do Saki & Maeda

Weird glowing wing things start to stalk her, she seems to like it though

Swing shot, not smiling. Kinda looks like Airi. Oh Airi

And thats it. The pv consists of these main shots. One thing I noticed was that she can switch on her smile whenever she wants. I wonder then how mnay of her smiles are actually genuine.

And for all those people who moan about a pv not having a story to it, try and justify this bunch of pixilated randomness. Of course though, people will love it caus its Mano and apparently she is the golden child of H!P at the moment.