Nov 6, 2009

So here we are again. 2009 Summer Hello! Project concert. This concert features Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Buono, Mano Erina, Guardians 4. S/mileage as well as revived groups from the champloo album. Before I go on, sorry about the quality of the caps, 1. my copy of the concert wasn't great and 2. its hard to cap the girls when they move so much.


01 Guru Guru JUMP (All)
02 Piriri to Yukou (All except S/mileage)
Opening Video
03 Ama no Jaku (S/mileage)
04 Omakase♪Guardian (Guardians 4)
05 Minimoni. Jankenpyon! (Shin Minimoni.)
MC2(Makoto/Mano/Lin Lin/Takeuchi・Miyamoto)
06 Sekai ha Summer Party (Mano Erina/S/mileage)
07 Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu (℃-ute)
08 Seishun Bus Guide (Berryz Koubou)
09 Nanchatte Renai (Morning Musume.)
10 Shouganai Yume Oibito (Morning Musume.)
11 Debut! ~Koi Suru Kado ni wa Fuku Kitaru~ (Ice Cream Musume)
12 Yume to Genjitsu (Aa!)
13 Pira!Otome no Negai (Petitmoni V)
14 Heya to Yshatsu to Watashi (Tanaka Reina)
15 Umbrella (Tanpopo #)
16 My Boy (Buono!)
17 JUMP (All)
18 Cosmos (Takahashi Ai)
19 ONLY YOU (Zoku Biyuuden)
21 Diamond (High-King)
22 C\C (High-King)
23 Special Generation (Berryz Koubou)
24 Tokaikko Junjou (℃-ute)
25 Resonant Blue (Morning Musume.)
26 Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenaijan! (All)
27 Koko ni Iruzee! (All)
MC8(Member introduction)
28 Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku youna Mirai de Are! (All)

Guru Guru JUMP

Bit of a suprise for an opening song but it works. It is sung by the whole project, JunLinand koha retaining some of thier chorus lines, the rest were redistributed. A good move though to put this for an opener as it imediatly brings yor energy up just as it should do.

The lot of 'em daning to guru guru jump

Maa-chan having a good time doing the twirly bit of the song

Piriri to Yukou

This was another suprise song to have at the start. It too is energetic and a very fun song. The dance to which I found very odd but fun. Everyone sounded great

Ama no Jaku

The cute new group of H!P consisting of Maeda Yuuka, Ogawa Saki, Fukuda Kanon and Wada Ayaka. These girls are sooooo cute, especially Kanon she is so sweet your teeth could rot just looking at her. This is my first time seeing them live and they do a great job and sound terrific. The wota were also on hand to support them too which I was glad to see.

and for cute justice:

Kanon looking insanely cute during the s/mileage MC

This is by far my favourite Guradians 4 song, its energetic, fun and has Yurina in it. When I saw the dance version of the pv I thought it was really stupid, but seeing it live makes it look so much better. Maybe its the lack of a fake stadium behind them that does it. All the girls sounded good singing it too, as did aika to the exent of her ability.

Saki,Risako,Aika & Yurina at the end of their performance

Minimoni. Jankenpyon!

I was really looking forward to this song. Jankenpyon is one of my favourite minimoni songs, plus I wanted to see how the 2 new egg members did. Let me tellz ya, they were brilliant. You'd swear they were doing this for years. LinLin was a good choice as leader caus she's tiny and is a bit nuts and kanon is the new aibon, really cute and a great singer. They wore their trademark giant hands for the song too which was funny.

The girls posing at the end of the song

How cute is she, dont know her name though XD

And the other egg member

Sekai ha Summer Party

She came she sang, I skipped. I'm sure she did some amazing hand dancing though.

Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu

The C-ute song where they dress up as 'suturaw-berry pie-ay-ay-ay-ayay-ies'. Not a great song. C-ute havent had a good song since edo no tomaranai II and a great one since Tokaiko Junjou [IN MY OPINION].

Airi playing right into the camera. I like to feel that she is performing just for me ^_^

Seishun Bus Guide

I am still a bit meh on this song. I prefered Rival over it anyway. I suppse the song needed to be a really energetic one to come after C-utes. One thing I did notice though was how Tight & Small & Blue & Leatherish those hotpants were. O.O. Everyone sounded great though.

Risako pulled this really creepy face during the song o.O

Nanchatte Renai

Yay MM finally come out. This song is so great live, the lighting for it was great too. and ZOMG Koha and Sayu were lip syncing and they sounded brilliant! The fast rap parts were though but thats understandable. I really love this song, nice to see it performed.

Risa putting power and passion into her performance

Reina looks really cool here

Risa making the stage her own

Whoa look how cool her hair is. Hair Glitter is no longer a Reina only thing


Thats better. (Enough Risa caps yet? NAH)

Shouganai Yume Oibito

Such a cool shot

I love this song too YAY! another great performance. Sayu and Koha are still running free without having to lip sync and it feels great. Not the most energetic song like KP is but a very good song all the same.

Aika's shoes are mank

"Yeah! you know I'm sexy!" I sure do Risa hunny

Sexy Ai biting biting her finger is SEXY!

Risa did this big bendy back praying to the idol gods kinda manoeuvre

MC with ICM &
Jang Dayun

This MC was pecial in that it brought out Ice CreaMusume as special guests, guu-chan and PeiPei were at school and reirei has something wrong with her leg so she would be performing sitting down.

JunLin join them to help translate as well as perform with them

Lightbulb is so pretty

Then the H!P Korean winner was brought out to introduce herself to the wota-kun

Then who came following her out but none other than....

Niigaki Risa of course. Risa was there for the purpose of translating a little. This was probably all rehearsed but I could NOT stop smiling the whole time Risa was there.

Risa giving us the O.K that she can translate all that Dayun has said

Risa being all bashful when Makoto praises her for her korean skills

This was probably one of my fave parts of the concert. I am a Risa fan afterall.

Debut! ~Koi Suru Kado ni wa Fuku Kitaru~

JunLin performed with the girls because one of the girls was absent and the other couldn't dance. I hadn't heard anything from the girls in AAAGES so I'm glad they arent gathering cobwebs. The girls sounded a lot smoother from the last time they performed live, that could be partially due to the presence of JunLin.

Poor ReiRei had to sit on her own but sang on like a trooper. JunJun did go over to her during the performance but they never showd the close up of it

Yume to Genjitsu

THIS WAS AWESOME! This performance of the revived Aa was probably my favourite of the night. The revived unit had Airi and Miyabi like the original, but Reina was replaced with Saho Akari one of the eggs from Shugo Chara Egg. The song was so cool, the original Aa only had one single so its hard yo know what style they were supposed to have but this does feel like Aa. The dance was also very original and fitted the song brilliantly. (see pic above) I would love to see more coming from them in this style, even though I know it probably wont happen as Airi has Buono and C-ute and Miyabi has Buono and Berryz.

Akira really did well, fitted right in

Very cool ending to the song, coolness, a theme throughout the performance

Pira!Otome no Negai

This kind of annoyed me. I REALLY liked the Pucchimoni V song from that cover album, it was one of my favourites. But this performance, not only was not that song but it was also missing Mai. This song was filled with random pira popi noises and hand dancing with the mic as if it was a trumpet. The song itself wasn't bad, it was a bit of fun. I was just dissapointed that they didn't use the one from the album.

Heya to Yshatsu to Watash

This wouldn't have been my favourite performance of the night simply because I dont really like the song all that much. Reina sounded great and she looked so hot that I watched it through anyway.

Had to add another cap caus she looked too cute

I am Tanpopo fan as well as a Tanpopo# fan but this song didn't really do anything for me. The combination of Eri, Chisato and Yurina is awesome but the song isn't great. I assume they didn't use the one from the album because it wasn't energetic enough but this one isn't of as high a standard. The girls sounded great though and they wore the tarten poofy dress with matching tophats. When is this style going to go, the original didn't wear all this gimmicky stuff and they looked great. Be more sinple please.

Leader Eri got the most lines. She looked so cute

Chisato is probably the best singer in the group

Yurina looked like she was having fun throughout the song

Aika was there too

My Boy

Jesus! Look at Momo's expression on the screen

I love Buono, and My Boy is one of my favourite Buono songs. The performance was really powerful and energetic just like the song. Their dancing was great though Miya's was a bit licklastre throughout the concert. Overall though a very good performance


This performance kinda came out of the blue. Usually the group songs are left to the start and the end, but this one just popped up, and I for one liked it. I had never heard the song before, but since the C-ute girls got the majority of the lines I assume its one of theirs, if I'm wrong le me know. Cant say much about the song caus I got distracted by some of the MM girls messin on the stairway.

Risa sang something, I cant remember but I'm sure it was good :P

Then the messing started. First while dancing Risa kept staring back at Sayu as she was dancing, which led to Sayu laughing.

Then on the stairs, Koharu started to mess with Risa's face while Sayu and Eri behind them made face poking motions. No idea what was going on here. Eri looks like she is about to bust a gut

This continues, at this point I am pissin myself laughin
WTF! Ah it looks like they were having so much fun. I am going to miss Koharu :(


This song was one of my guilty pleasures on the cover album. Its an enka song sung by Ai and hellz yeah did she sing it! She has one of the best voices H!P ever had and just sounded so amazing here. Mesmerising.

Ai-chan looked so pretty in this outfit too.


This is the song Sayu, Risako and JunJun under the name Zoku Biyuuden, sang. It is a bit of a punkish song with the chorus line "Only You" throwing you back to Koi suru angel heart. The live performance was great, the 3 sounded great and didn't lipsync woot.

The outfits were really cool

If sayu was any sexier it would be illegal!

It was nice to finally hear a decant amount of JunJun

After one of her solo's Sayu gave this cheeky smile

That smile turned into a weird wink. The cause I assume is that she was really happy to finnaly sing by herself for a decent amount of time. Good on ya Sayumi

JunJun's air guitar moves made me lol. added some energy to the performance though


Using their bodies to spell ZYX, very clever

Who can guess if I liked this performance or not. Of course I did. Any guesses why?

How did you know! haha only jokin. I did enjoy this performance, I knew I would simply by the fact risa was in it, but I liked the song too, never really payed much to the original ZYX so this was the first time I heard the song.


Looked like Koha got into her crack stash before coming out XD

This is for Dran

Erika we know your graduating [now graduated] but dont do it!!!

I'm the leader of this group Biothes

Risa went crazy doing loads of hoooooooo's and woooooow's

At this point Risa did the best line in the whole song


Risa likes to let us know that she has boobs [Kimagure Princess]


This confuses me. Is it a ballad with a twist or is it a slow energetic song. I dont get it. Tne song doesn't really do anything for me. Only thing that reall made an impact was maimi's pants, they were covered in glitter and were vere distracting


Dont really know why this is in the setlist. Good song I enjoyed. Nothing really out of the ordinary to say

Risa, Sayumi, Koharu MC

No idea what was said here. So here's some caps :D



Risa sniggering her arse off

Special Generation

Berryz iconic concert song and wota favourite. This song is brilliant. It is but its the same in every concert but most people love it all the same

Tokaiko Junjou


Another staple C-ute concert song and again a wota favourite. Same goes thing really for special generation. This one really brings the energy levels up though.

Resonant Blue

Everyone must know whatthis is like. Its the same every concert, nothing different here.

Risa sure does look cool

Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenaijan!/Koko ni Iruzee!/Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku youna Mirai de Are!
These songs are the same in every concert so no point in me making seperate topics for each. What I will say though is that in the last songs Risako and Chisato are forced to wear these head pieces with long pieces of fluff hanging down. It looks rediculus.

here is some risa instead [this is a risa fanblog, so there is NEVER too much risa]

Liam I love you! Thanks for watching!

Risa wins a game of Jankenpyon

Just LOL

Risako's headpiece, even chinami cant look away from it



Overall this was a very enjoyable concert and would recommend that all H!P fans watch it. It is nice and refreshing with the new songs from aa, pucchimoni v as well as having the members mixed around with the revived groups. I hope you enjoyed reading this, it took HOURS to cap and write everything so a comment or 2 would make it all seem worth while. Thanks

for Dran...


  1. Dran says:

    Great caps, Liam. Not quite as in-depth as I would have liked, some songs more than others.

    But I guess I wouldn't be happy until every frame Maasa appears in was capped. :p

  1. Liamers says:

    ya I had planned on doing a detailed description on each song, but it took about 2 hours to cap, then another 2 to write up at least so by the end I was getting sick of it.

    Thanks for reading and commenting though :D

  1. says:

    Any sign of TakaGaki?

  1. Liamers says:

    no unfortunatley I didn't catch any TakaGaki moments :(

  1. kohariin says:

    Nice! I love that concert<3 Hey, did you realize... but during the ZYX spelling, Koha and Erika were on the sides. And they were the first to graduate. Coincidence?

  1. tokyofied says:

    Wow, you got the chance to go? Lucky you, it must have been great right?