Sep 17, 2008

New official keibu pics

Posted by Liamers At 6:27 PM 2 comments

here are new official pepper keibu pics of Risa and of the Group. Risa looks so god damn HAWT in the top pic. She looks so seductive. Her hair is so cool and she looks older and so so good.

In the group pic the 3 noticeable differences are LinLin's hair is now jet black. JunJun looks kind of punky [but she also looks so hot] and Eri's appearence is so different. Nice to see Sayu in the front with the big 3.

I really hope this means there will be a 2nd pv for the single v!

here are some smaller pics of the green outfit.


  1. renaye says:

    i really like risa's new hairstyle. it makes her more matured. and i think i'm going to have that kind of hairstyle too!

  1. Liamers says:

    ya I really like her hair this way too. especially when she has a side fringe