Sep 10, 2008

Morning Musume - 2009 Calendar

Posted by Liamers At 3:21 PM 1 comments

on the 25th of spetember Morning Musume will release their calander for 2009. after seeing the 2008 calander and the cover of the 2009 calander I had to pre book my own copy straight away.

I like their costyumes on the cover, they are subtle but they are also kind of a group costume but now crazy. Reina, Koharu and Ai are in the front again which isn't much of a suprise. But Reina is in the middle, has she now become the most popular member in the group, it appears so.

Aika kinda looks like shimizu saki from Berryz Koubou, maybe its the hair??

Sayu looks totally hot as always and her hair is so cool.

Gaki my little princess has got some kind of weird smile, she looks so cute. Her hair also seems to have been thinned down from her usual thick head of flowing hair.

Eri as per usual is so pretty standing at the back.

JunJun is getting prettier every month and she looks so nice in this pic. Although for some reason they seem to stick her in frumpy clothes :(

LinLin's hair was cute at first but I dont really like it anymore, she looks to business like.

Overall I am excited about this and I can't wait for my copy to arrive.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Already preordered mine, the cover looks great, sayu looks cute as always! Hopefully the inside is just as great.