Oct 25, 2009


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Lolli a.k.a Chibilolli a.k.a ganbarori a.k.a madam president a.k.a biggest Risa fan I have ever known a.k.a Lizzie-chan

Ok I know she isn't Risa or an idol but holy crap she is awesome. 1st off if you dont know who I am on about then get your ass over to Omame.co.uk and bask in the awesomeness that is Lolli.

Why is she awesome you ask. Well, 1st of all she is a huge Risa fan, she buys loads of Risa stuff, supports her most of the time, adores the ground she walks on and sends her awesome birthday gifts. Secondly she is my go to person on Risa things as well as a reference to go to, to combat Risa non believers. Thirdly, she buys me stuff!!!! When she was over in Japan for the Nanchatte Renai release event she actually thought of little Liam all the way over in Ireland and bought me Large Risa pics from the event. Not only that, but she bought me a mini Tokyo Tower as well as an Ai cookie [a cookie from fukui.....where Ai is from, for the noobs who dont know]. Then when she got home she sent them to me and made my day.

Next, her blog is like a Mecca for all Risa fans. She reviews all the tv shows risa appears on, pv's, pics and random crap that I know all risa fans appreciate. She is so witty too often having me in tears from laughing. She also shares my dislike for aika, its a weird connection.

I bet ya I will get a message from her now at some stage that she is too old for me and I should stop coming on to her ¬.¬ she has a big head :P

So yay here's to Lizzie-chan, continue to blog and make the world a more Risa filled awesome place