Oct 11, 2008

Mayuge Madness has been recommended

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OMG wooot!! lol so I was browsing the internet last night and I searched "Niigaki Risa Blogs" and the first one I saw was an entry into International Wota. I saw Mayuge madness and Liamers in the post so I clicked it straight away. What I found was that Mayuge Madness had been recommended by broomhead. I was so suprised and also very giddy. I am pretty new to all this stuff so I never thought my blog would get really that noticed for a while. So yeah I read the post and I thought it was funny. To broomhead: Yes I am really Irish as in born and bred here and not just smooching off its culture ;)
here is what the article said:


[Blogs] mayuge Madness is a Blog Dedicated to Niigaki Risa

mayuge Madness is run by Liamers and is dedicated to Niigaki Risa. I already like Liamers because they describe themselves as one of the “few Irish H!P fans.” I’m assuming he means Irish as in literally from Ireland and not Irish as in raised in Irish culture (or some bastardization of Irish culture), but I want to say he isn’t alone anyways.

The most recent post goes over the recent photos related to “Pepper Keibu.” Shockingly, Liamers loves Risa! He also talks a bit about the other members. I guess I didn’t give Risa much attention the first time that I saw these photos, but she really does stand out. I don’t think she looks that much better than anyone else; but how she looks is totally different compared to even a few years ago, let alone 5 years ago.


So now here at Mayuge Madness I have added Intl Wota's link to my links list and they are now loved by us all here :P

So I must go and get ready for work now but I will be back!!